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Hi Fibro friends, I’ve been on Tramadol for my Osteoarthritis for 8 years and Lyrica for my fibro. Anyway, I went to the Dr. yesterday because my last refill for Tramadol stated on the bottle appt. needed. Huh! My Dr. said I had to get a urine test to prove I’m takingthe Tramadol and not selling it! Can you believe that?? She said she was just following the orders from Kaiser (my medical insurer). Just wonder if anyone else has had to deal with this.


I haven’t encountered requiring a urine test to “prove” I am taking a certain Med. How odd.
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In short, yes. I’m in Australia and we have a scheme called PBS (Pharmacuetical Benefits Scheme) where pharmaceuticals are approved and subsidized by govt. DDA drugs (Drugs of Dependence) have recently become the new ‘evil’ and such concoctions have become harder and harder to obtain. This is partially because some people sell them on. To reduce the incidents of this resale from occurring the government are asking for such tests to be undertaken. It has not become a legal requirement, well, not yet. But I would not be surprised if it does become a legal requirement in the future. There has also been reports that govt are requiring effluent treatment plants to monitor such substances within effluent.

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Beckers and all,

That’s kind of sick, urine test to prove you’re taking and not selling tramadol (and I didn’t even realize tramadol was an opiate! If it is, and it must be, I believe it is probably a pretty lightweight one)

How about when your pharmacy is constantly raising its eyebrows and speaking behind your back in hushed tones because you are taking both Norco and Lyrica, or both Norco and Ritalin! (I live in a small rural-ish town). And if you (like me) tend to lose your medication bottles due to brain fog and depression, it’s way worse. Then they really think they are selling on the streets (no matter how old or depressed or infirm you may look).

But no, I’ve never heard of testing your urine to make sure you’re not selling your puny pain drug on the streets. Sort of makes sense that if anyone does it though, it might be Kaiser. Sorry you have to go through the indignity of that.


Well I had to be tested for narcos to make sure I was taking it but my doctor said he needed to know not my insurance carrier I looked at him funny cuz there’s no way anyone else is getting my meds I need them and I heard Tramadol was being lumped in with narcotics now since all of the addiction of narcotics I take mine for pain and yes I hate even going to the doctor the nurses even look at me when when I say I’m here for my med renewal and I have to go every month no refills on narcotics then the pharmacist has to have the talk with me about narcotic addiction I wish that narcotics didn’t work for me right now but they do I don’t share I take what I’m prescribed I don’t even tell people I’m on them but when I can’t move or get out of bed with narco I can get up and move it really didn’t bother me to be tested I guess but I can see where people could get offended I wish I didn’t have to go to the doctor or be on any meds I tell my doctor that all the time fix this horrible horrible disease then I wouldn’t need these and would gladly give them back to the doctor


That really scares me because I have a prescription for oxycodone for severe migraines that don’t respond to anything else. I also have Kaiser and haven’t had to do a urine test. I had a physical a month ago so I’m sure they would have asked. I have been using the same amount of oxycodone over about 4 months but I don’t take them every day. My Dr. wanted me on a pain management program but I resisted. I told her if I started asking for a refill more often then we’d talk about it. I hate how those of us with chronic pain are automatically treated as addicts.


Yes, this is routine now. Part of the crack down on illegal opioid abuse. They think illegal drugs on the street come from patients selling their “extra” pills. I used to receive 90 pills a month, and I would not use all of them, but would never sell them. Every month, I could refill with no problem. Then, urine screen and if no opioid showed up, then I was required to do a blood test to get a prescription… but only 30 pills, no refills.

I eventually weaned off all narcotics, was taking no opioids but still seeing my pain management doctor. Still required a urine test, maybe to check for marijuana? I know some physicians are dead set against it.

Last comment, I am not sure if tramadol would even show on some tests, it’s a synthetic opioid.