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Upper Respiratory Infection


Hi All,
I hope everyone is having a great week. I was just curious about how my fellow Fibro sufferers felt on this subject. Do you all feel that you oget Upper Respiratory Infections more often now that you have Fibro than you did before your diagnosis? I feel like I get one every other month and it’s getting annoying. Does anyone have any input or suggestions on this subject? Anything helps a ton!
Thanks so much! :blush:


For me it is urinary tract infections or worse septic bladder or kidneys.
I get these excruciating charlie horses in my sciatic area & pain on my lower spine, actually the last 4" of my lower back. All of my concentration is how to remove the all-consuming searing pain. & sometimes it isn’t my back. It is my kidneys, & it is usually one of my adult children who figures it out. My PCP 'scripts a super duper antibiotic. Peace, Love & Light. Maggi


Hi Mouse,

Unfortunately I can’t help you on this one. I’ve had fibro for approximately 10 years and I’ve never had an upper respiratory infection. Maybe it’s because I am on immune suppression medication although you would think that would make me more susceptible. I am on 5mg of Prednisone every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as well. I wish I could help! I’m sure another reader can give you some advice!

Take Care,


I don’t know if it has anything to do with fibro but I do know you can get into a nasty cycle with respiratory infections – I had pneumenia and went into chronic bronchitis for 10 years, had respiratory infections like clockwork every 2-3 months for 10 years.

You may need to go on some sort of maitenenace treatment until you get out of this cycle. Sometimes all the standard 10-14 days of treatment does is knock back the infection enough for you to get a few weeks relief then it comes right back. I also have asthma and what finally worked for me was going on Advair as a daily med. Now, since I have asthma, I have kept that as a daily med, but it definitely broke the cycle I was in originally.

It may be worth having a discussion with your doctor about a 3 or 6 month treatment plan.