Update for everyone

Hi guys. Sorry I haven’t been here to reply to posts or leave quotes. I’m having some bad health issues. I’ve been having a horrific time breathing, pain in my back and chest and I used to walk uptown, downtown, everywhere. Now I can barely walk from my living room to the kitchen without having trouble breathing. My doctor has ordered blood work, urine tests, an x-ray of my neck and also a chest x-ray, and also a mammogram.
She also wants me to have a pulmonary breathing test but not until I have a covid test. I had a fever earlier, 100.2 degrees. So unless the fever is gone tomorrow morning, I can’t have all those tests done. So that is my latest update. I’ll reply to posts and leave quotes as soon as I’m feeling better. My doctor said it could be pnemonia or COPD even though I quit smoking in 2006. I lost my mom to COPD and my dad to Leukemia and lung cancer.
My doc did prescribe an inhaler but couldn’t get to the pharmacy in time. Sending love and hugs to everyone and prayers too!


Oh Gramybear! Hugs to you! Does your pharmacy deliver medications? Gramybear, my nursing hat is on. :roll_eyes: Did your doctor check your oxygen level? If you’re having that much trouble breathing, can you go to an urgent care? Do you have health insurance? Other than the mammogram, you should be able to get those tests. Also, earlier this summer you were battling the smoke from the fires. You also mentioned you have black mold and a leaky roof. You might want to mention those things to your doctor. Before you have the pulmonary function test, I would advise you to get the chest X-rays, labs and COVID tests done. Here in Illinois, there are several places to get tested for COVID including urgent cares. Do you have the option to get tested somewhere other than your doctor’s office? Do you have someone to drive you to get these tests done tomorrow? Take care of yourself Gramybear. :hugs::cherry_blossom::blossom::hibiscus::orange_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart::heart:

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I’m so sorry you’re ill, GramyB! Love you, sweet friend! Saying prayers for strength and healing and sending gentle hugs :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

Praying for you gramybear. Praying that you will test negative for Covid and you can have the tests you desperately need. I pray the doctors will be able to diagnose you properly and you will get the right treatment ASAP.

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Ugh, in just seeing this post today… ironically, I too have been unwell… same symptoms mostly!! Turns out I had carbon monoxide poisoning. Feeling so much better as of now… and, also ironically; that inhaler was the thing that REALLY helped. I had to keep my mask on at all times in the cold winter air for a while too as that hurt my lungs.
I hope you are on the mend,and that they found out what’s ailing you! I’m praying for your speedy recovery.

Oh Grammy sorry to hear that you are so ill at the moment but with my nursing experience too I have to agree with everything Freedom said so many other illnesses cropping up in people forbye the Covid I myself have been in hospital four times and to be honest I feel it is where you should be at the moment to get your tests done and find out what is going on our prayers and thoughts are with you Grammy let us know how you get on when you feel well enough to come back on
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Sorry to hear you have been feeling worse , I hope you can get temperature under control, and are able to see the appropriate people to get the test you need. It’s always difficult dealing with sickness upon chronic illness conditions. Thanks for always being a bright spot on the platform! I wish you feeling back to your “ norm “ so you may shine on ! :wink::rainbow:

Hi Gramybear! Do you have any information you can share with us? A quick update? Miss you a lot Gramybear! :purple_heart::hugs:

Hi Freedom. I promise to get caught up soon. I had blood, urine, mammogram, chest x-ray done last week. the x-ray (which I had to ask for) showed Atelectasis. The doctor wants me back for a second x-ray on the 15th a long with a breathing test. But I have to get a covid test on the 9th first.
I am really having a difficult time breathing! And it’s making me extremely tired as well. I miss you guys a lot and will be back as soon as possible with lots of new quotes for you all. Welcome to anyone new who joined during my absence and sending you all love and gentle hugs!!

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Thank you Gramybear for the quick update. I’m praying for a speedy recovery. If you have atelectasis, part or all of your lung is collapsed. That definitely would make you short of breath! Did your doctor measure your oxygen level? He would have put a small, clip like, device on your finger to see how well you are breathing. It takes less than a minute for the device, called a pulse oximeter, to read your heart rate and your oxygen level. I’m really glad you had those tests done. It must be hard to even want to go anywhere when you’re so tired. I wish I could sweep you up and make you feel better Gramybear. :hugs: In the meantime, take it easy, rest and hug your little fur baby for me. :dog2::purple_heart:

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