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Unrelenting chest pain


I’ve had my heart checked out so thank God no problems there. This is a relatively new thing. It’s been going on for almost 2 weeks and it’s getting progressively worse. It chronically hurts and when I try to do my deep breathing I just can’t. It hurts too much to breath deeply. Does anyone else have this symptom?


Hi Sherri5,
I have had several bouts of this in the last 6 years. One Dr. early on diagnosed it as pleurisy, an inflammation between the lung and the chest cavity lining. It is extremely painful and at the worst point I had to pant because any breath deeper than that was excruciating. It did eventually resolve on it’s own, thank goodness. The last time it took about 2 weeks.

I hope your issue resolves quickly and you find some comfort until then.


Thank you so much. I’m terrible I know but it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one with this. Also that it will resolve itself. I hope your day has been a good one. As for me I have been a total slug. Chest, hip and just general pain. I’ve decided to eat some chocolate and drink a little wine. Tomorrow is another day and it will be a good day!!!