"unconsciously" clenching/tensing muscles


The last few weeks and months have been the worst for me yet. While everything's still really mild if compared to what some of you have to suffer through, I think I've never had symptoms this bad before.

It's most likely also due to me having had a flu with one week of high fevers, then one week of being moderately recovering/being not-sick and now I'm sick with a sinusitis/very mild bronchitis.

I'm aching and yesterday, after work, my feet hurt for hours and even still this morning.

What I'm actually wondering about most is, is there something I can do against unintentionally clenched muscles? Like... I'm sitting on my couch, watching a movie and generally being one lazy thing.. and suddenly I become aware of how hard I'm clenching my jaw. For no reason whatsoever. It's just clenched and I need to "manually" relax it.
The same goes for my shoulders and my thighs and I'm sitting here with my toes facing upwards because they're tense/clenched (my english, I hope this is understandable)

and it's... I don't know...

is it maybe residual stress from the week that displays itself by making me be stiff and tense without either ANY physical need to be so, or me realizing it?

I have no idea anymore and going to bed at seven yesterday didn't really help much, either. I still love my job, but dude, sometimes it's pure hell. Especially when you're sick, can't stay at home because half of the institution is sick and at home already and when you have to help out in the kitchen, which doesn't really go easy on your feet or your back =.=

sorry for being grumpy, fluffy hugs and lots of love for you all while I try and get some tension out of myself with a long, hot shower X3

The only time I've had anything like that was due to a medication I was taking, and I only clenched my jaw in my sleep. I'd clench it hard enough to wake myself up. It stopped when I went off the medication.

Maybe check with your doc? I'm not sure what would make you clench all over like that.

Good luck,


Hi Dwaggie,

Sure sounds like your symptoms are just as troubling to you as ours are to us.

In answer to your question, some on here use Magnesium (a supplement) for spasms and cramping. I wonder if this might help you as well.

Some folks also use epsom salts in a warm bath to relax tense muscles. Also, you might have tmj, which can be helped with a dental device that goes into your mouth when you sleep. But you'd need to see a dentist to get one and they are expensive.

Let's see what others have to say. I'll bet you get some good advice.

Definitely a big problem for me. I think it contributes greatly to the pain. Chiropractic helps me. Exercise always helpedme a lot but I’m struggling with this now. Emotional stress and my desk job add to it. I always find myself being tended up. I’m thinking of trying massage if I can find a massage therapist not too expensive to go to for a few months. I strop itch a lot and change positions constantly.

I meant tensed up. How do u turn off auto correct? Lol

Stretch a lot not itch lol

Hi dwaggie,

I know, due to pain, I have done this, worn the grinders out on my dentures, and had my wrists aching beyond belief with this wringing of wrists and clenching my fists, and holding my back tightly. The good thing is you have realized it, and can hopefully try to do some deep breathing or some kind of relaxation instead.

I know this sounds easy, but once you realize it, you have to expect cracking teeth, or making another part of your body worse until you stop yourself from clenching up! Pain does some crazy stuff to us!

Hope you can get through this!

Love and hugs,


Hi Dwaggie, it’s funny you bring this up as I find myself clenching my jaw all the time. I just noticed it a couple of months a go. Leanne


Yeah, I clench up a lot for absolutely no reason. I didn't realize I was doing this, just clenching my body without knowing, until a couple months ago when I started pool and land therapy. They would be telling me to relax, and I would be like, I am, but then when I started paying attention, I really was all clenched up. I now watch out for it in my daily life, and when I realize I am what the therapists call "holding," I breathe deeply and focus on relaxing that part of me. Deep breathing is something else I have to practice, as I have a habit of shallow breathing, too.

HI Dwaggie - I used to always clench my teeth and be filled with tension at night. It obviously came from being stressed out with my Fibro. If you want to stop the clenching of your teeth - you must get a retainer that you put in your mouth at night. The reason I am telling you this is, after many years of clenching my teeth they got worn down from the clenching and last year I had to have all my teeth pulled because of it. Losing my teeth, I think, was one of the most devastating things I have ever gone through. However, I now have beautiful teeth, again. When I am in bed, especially, I can feel my body tensing up and I need to be aware of it and just relax. It's not easy for me to do with the Fibro going on. We Fibros are a walking mess of stress!! LOL Stay with this website and you will get some useful information for whatever questions you have. Take care! Hugs, Laurie

I suspect psychological stress is causing me to be really tense. But I know I'm long overdue for a long and proper check-up with my doc.

I made a symptom list for myself and it's over a page long...

oh, magnesium sounds like a good idea. At the very least, it won't make anything worse and I've had magnesium powder for a few months after my catheter ablation. Maybe I'll try that for myself, thanks ^_^

The clenching in my jaw isn't that bad, I'm known to drool during sleep, so I guess my mouth's mostly relaxed at night. It's more during the day when I notice it.

Thank you, I'll have to see a dentist, anyway, to get a partial crown for one of my teeth, I can ask him then.

I couldn't work at a desk, I'd be slouchy and hunchbacked within two weeks. XD

luckily/sadly, my job involves a lot of moving, walking, sitting on the ground, lifting stuff (with stuff I mean small children and babies) I won't be able to do it forever, but I love it XD

At least I really get a lot of fresh air and exercise, but the lifting and bending over is tough on my back

I have 2 crowns thanks to this...