Hello friend, I just need to vent today.
Was supposed to go visit my dad in the nursing home today, and get a grocery shopping done as well.
But right now, I lay on my couch in the middle of a flare up with a migraine is well.
I want to take my anti nausea medicine as well, it’s going to knock me out.
Here I have my 11 year old daughter at home with me as well, whom I was looking forward to getting out of the house with today and spending sometime with Dad and shopping.
I just feel that I can’t do it. But of course, there’s those things that were completely out of and I have to go get them.
If I have the option of asking somebody to go pick up some things for me, I sure would do it.
None of my painkillers are working.
So, friends, did you just keep me in your thoughts and prayers today?

Ok Blueeyedgirl, you got it! Good thoughts for you and prayers goin' up. I'm sorry you're having a bad day. It's rough that we have to take each day at a time. It seems that we are not able to plan ahead like the "normals" do. I remember taking medications for migraines and they do wipe you out! I think the main thing is, should you be driving with a migraine? I know that would be a "no" for me.

Myself, I've been struggling with whether or not to go visit my daughter and her family tomorrow. I'd stay the week. They live 150 miles away. Today I could make the drive. I just have to see how I feel tomorrow. I don't like that either. I want to plan ahead, but with this stuff, who can?

I'm sorry you're having a bad one today. Sunny spring days are just ahead and you will have other chances to visit your Dad and hang out with your precious girl. Feel better soon! Hugs.


Oh, yes, I will, Blueeyedgirl. Sometimes it seems like we're on a log and we have to walk across it very, very carefully, lest we fall down into the raging waters below. Yet walking on the log is perilous: we totter precariously, the bumps in the bottom hurt and stub our bare feet. It's tortuous to keep going but we have no choice, as it's physically impossible to turn back. Son onwards we go, precarious, painful step after precarious, painful step.

I DO so understand how you feel. I'm hoping that you feel some better in the afternoon but you've gotta do what you've gotta do. If you can rest between your chores, please do so. I find myself suddenly plopping down in the middle of chores. If it's while I'm in my car, fine. Just try to do things one small(figurative) step at a time. Baby steps. It might take longer but it helps to get things done.

Hey girlfriend!

Coming up! Good thoughts and prayers for you!

You have your hands full, my friend, raising a child and caring for a parent is a lot of work. I know you love them both dearly, and I know the toll it is taking on you.

Sending wishes for a pain free, stress free week!

Big hugs,


So now it is tomorrow, of course, my back is out to now. But at least my migraine is gone! All I have to do is physical therapy first thing in the morning which is such a blessing to be able to do in the first place. Then I can do all my work for my couch praise God! After that a friend is going to drive me about 10 miles away to go work on a cart my parents house. What I get to do during that time, is get my dad stuff all put away what that means, Is that after caring for him at my house by myself for about 3 months I get all his equipment medical care of medical supplies and other things that anybody would need clothes toiletries etc cetera out of my house so I can have my house back again. That is a blessing in itself I love my dad but in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment there’s not much room for medical equipment and supplies. Thank you all so much for soup your support the Petunia girl I love your analogy of walking precariously on a log that is so perfect may I use that analogy and try to explain the other people what we are all going through?. a big thank you to everybody for letting me vent that is what we’re all here for and I’m glad I can be here for you guys very much times as well I love you all talk to you soon!

I forgot to tell you all, but I did get the grocery shopping done yesterday, and I did get to see my dad.

Yay! I'm glad you went yesterday. You must have felt like you'd accomplished a lot when you got home, and you did!

It will be so nice to have more space in your apartment. I did not know you had been caring for your Dad at home. You are a special young woman. He is so blessed to have you in his life.

Take care of your back.