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Two year flair up

Hello all!
I was diagnosed with FM last summer. I had been having symptoms and flair ups for about 8 years. I was finally taken seriously when I ended up with mono for 9 months and then never fully recovered… Thus the finding of FM and chronic fatigue.
Anyway, I’m having a difficult time with all this as I use to be an athlete and super active.
My question is has anyone had a consistent flair up for about two years?
I’ve been having consistent intense symptoms since the mono. Granted over the last two years I’ve had a few days here and there where I can function fairly well but it’s still a struggle. The rest of the time it’s been full on flair up and just unbearable.

Any suggestions?
Or anyone when has experienced consecutive years of flair up?


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Hi Siri! Thank you for the introduction, and Welcome to the Fibro Support Group! I’m sorry to hear about your FM diagnosis and chronic fatigue, but am glad you decided to connect with us at Ben’s Friends. I hope the discussion boards on this site help you find the support and answers that you are looking for. Keep us posted! We’re happy to hear from you.

That is a long flair up for sure. I have been able to do a lot since I was put on Lyrica and Cymbalta. The combination allowed me to continue teaching til I was 64 and I am 72 now and am still on it. What have you tried?

I am on cymbalta.
I cannot take very high mg because the side effects are bad. I also have to be careful of certain medications since I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma in my 20’s. Anything that will mess with my imune system or has imune side effects I cannot take.

Thank you for reaching out.
I’m just so discouraged being so exhausted all the time. My internal medicine doc. Says there’s really nothing for the fatigue. The cymbalta etc. Is more for the physical discomfort…
I’ll keep searching .


Hi,sorry to hear about your severe fatigue, I feel like when you have fibro and chronic fatigue it makes any type of flu , fever, infection or other ailments that more difficult to treat. I think it takes several months to a year for some folks to get over mono so with having fibro and chronic fatigue seems to make sense that mono symptoms linger . I used to run 3-5 miles every day on an inclined treadmill so I empathize with you not being to exercise anymore. I would encourage you to try water aerobics ( very low impact) a class that is designed for people with arthritis -I go to one called fluid moves . This has increased my energy level it took a bit to be able to do the 45 min class with the first few times making my fibro symptoms worse but I’m used to it now and enjoy going once a week. Try to pace yourself easing back into stretching at first but the physical activity hopefully will give your endorphins a boost making you feel more energy after your blood is flowing. Fibromyalgia symptoms are different for all of us cymbalta did not work for me my flairs now are often my normal. We’re all here for each other so I would also encourage you to keep sharing , this platform is very supportive even though we have a cure all .

Even tho we DONT have a cure all.

You all are so supportive.
Yes we must keep encouraging each other and reminding each other its okay.

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Hi there. I’m Jessica a newbie to the site . I was diagnosed with FM IN 2003 and now after over a year long bout of Epstein Barr virus I’ve been diagnosed with CFS. The past two and tears almost three have felt like nothing but a non-stop. Intense flare up presenting additional symptoms and more severe ones. I too was a go go go kinda gal even with the FM I was notorious for overdoing and suffering the consequences. Unfortunately, with the CFS even if your pain ridden and want to force yourself to get anything done your body just won’t let you(believe me I’ve tried). So I can kind of relate to your situation a bit. I hope things begin to get better and as we both learn new coping mechanisms we can share them.