Tuesday's quotes

I hope everyone is safe and doing well. AND having a pain free day or as pain free as we can get!! Hugs to all

  1. What a beautiful world it would be if …people had hearts like dogs.

  2. Mosquitos and Fleas… Gods way of making you slap yourself

  3. Adam and Eve. The first people to not read the Apple Terms and Conditions

  4. She believed she could, but her dog was on her lap, so she didn’t.

  5. When I’m at the checkout line and they ask me if I found everything okay, "I ask them, “why, are you hiding stuff?”

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Love Love Love these!!! At first I missed the punch line on #3, and then re-read and totally cracked up :apple: :apple: :apple: My only excuse being that I’ve had ongoing migraines for 2 weeks. Super high BP too - Also a cracked tooth - Just NOT a good last couple of weeks. Oh, well, you can’t fall off the floor - LOL
Thank you GramyB for the laugh therapy!!! :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:

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You are so cute! But I’m sorry about your migraines! I’ve had a daily headache for weeks and they became worse with the fires and smoke. What is causing your high blood pressure??? I have the opposite problem. I always know when it’s low because my heart feels like it’s beating out of my chest and sometimes I get up and pass out. One night it was 85/45. Are you on medication or finding natural methods to control it? Blood pressure meds worry me with all the news surrounding them.
And a cracked tooth too!!!? Geez lady, you are falling apart! Sounds like me. Did you bite into something too hard? I hope everything starts doing better ASAP!!! Keep us updated please? Love and Hugs

Hi, GBear! My teeth crack often, as I’m always grinding them, but, lately I’ve tried relaxation exercises for my jaw, during the day, and I always wear my night guard when I sleep. My old dentist said I have very hard teeth, with no give, so they crack easily…He said “No more glass in your mouth!” when I started cracking my porcelain crowns.
Yep, my BP is just the opposite of yours. It was 163/103 this morning. Doc is upping my BP meds. Headache could be from BP or maybe my tooth is infected - I have no idea. I finally go to dentist Thursday.
To make things worse, I’m having spasms on r. side of my collar bone, so my pain mgmt doctor insists that I get an ekg… (with the spasms, headaches, & high BP he wants to make sure my heart is okay).
Thanks for caring. It means a lot!