Trying to sort things out

Hi, I have been away from here for a long time because I have been too exhausted to do anything including reading people’s posts. Long story short, it looks like I may very well have RA along with fibro. Treatment for that has restored some of my energy. I also need a double knee replacement & was putting it off because I was too exhausted to tackle the surgery and follow-Up exercises on a consistent basis. I have a lot of inflammation all over my body. It’s a double whammy from the fibro and RA. I am taking medication to reduce it which is helping. Has anyone who has a lot of inflammation with their fibro had a knee replacement and if so how did you fair after surgery? I’m asking because I’ve done some research on the issue, And found that people who have systemic inflammation do not do well after a knee replacement as those without it. They Seem to have as much pain, swelling and difficulty with mobility after a knee replacement as they had prior to the knee replacement. Any thoughts?

Hi, Mary10!
So glad that you are getting treatment for both the RA & fibro. Years ago, I had terrible inflammation with my arthritis and fibro, but, thankfully, after several years of treatment, my inflammation subsided. I have not had knee replacement, but have had several surgeries over the years. The last one, which was to go in through the back of my neck (I had surgery through the front, previously) to fuse more discs and put rods in my neck, really increased my inflammation and caused much weakness for a while following the surgery. Thankfully, my husband was able to take care of me while I recovered.
I am praying you will be able to come to a wise decision about your surgeries - It is a decision that only you can make. If your doctors feel that it will ultimately improve your health, and you trust them, maybe you can move forward. My husband had a knee replacement a few years ago, and, although there were some complications afterward, he is doing well now and wants to have the other knee done.
I hope this helps! :blue_heart:

Mary10, I wanted to also ask - Have you talked to your doctor about your research on people having knee replacements, that are also dealing with RA? If so, what was his response? Do you have a rheumatologist? If so, what are his views on the surgery? I understand that this would be a big decision for you, and wish you all the best!!!

Hi Mary10, I was wondering if your doctor has recommended physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around your knees? You might want to see if that’s an option to try before having to have surgery. It may buy some time. I had my appendix out last December and delt with a lot of pain. I posted that on this forum and found out I wasn’t alone. For some, it appears that surgical pain is worse with fibro But the surgical pain did go away, it just took a little longer. This is going to sound really crazy…but ask your knees what they think. They will tell you what they need. We don’t do a very good job of listening to our bodies. Ok, so now I’m sounding wacky! I’ve been a nurse for 25 years so I’ve learned a few things. As always, talk to your doctor and arheumatologist. They may also have other options for you.