Trying to keep it together!

Havent been on for a while as things just keep happening and dont want to come across as im moaning , but just need a little friendly chat , well the weather is flareing me , I used to love hot weather but its sending my body crazy ! My son has had two operations this year and may need another one on his knee as seen his surgeon this morning and they think may have to operate again will have to have another mri scan , I have also just got my date for disability tribunal next tues and getting everything together ! Im finding it hard to concentrate on things , it takes alot for me to do this. I attended myp pain clinic 4 weeks ago and he put me on lycria , I have telephoned my doctor to have it upped today so I hope it kicks in soon , im so sore ! Iam also going with my son on friday to another hospital to see a neurologist to have tests done to see why he gas been passing out . Its amazing were our strength comes from when our children are not too good whatever there age . Lots of hugs angi xxxx

Dear angie,

I hope they are soon able to get your son in a better place. I know this has been very hard on you, it's hard enough when you are well, but you're right for our children, we have unbelievable reserves that just show up!

I hope you can get some substantial relief soon, please know that we are all here for you!

Love and hugs,


Omg that is so much like the reasons I have stayed away for a bit. Life is such a bugger some times! So sorry you have been having a hard time too. Makes you feel less lonely when you have friends here to share with.

I have lost my dad about ten times or more in the last twoonths and he is due for more heart surgery in the next couple of weeks and it’s just so scary to have to cope with more shock and trauma right now. My mum had been in hospital too and diagnosed with a heart valve problem too and emphysema and so many other problems to list too. Oh yes the disability tribunal too last month. My heart goes out to you right now sweetie. I so understand what you’re going through and glad you have said something. Sometimes you don’t want to but it is best really.

Masses of hugs and prayers your way!

We are soldiers remember!

Hello sk , im sending hugs , how are you ? I hope little pain , ty for your message , being on here keeps me positive , you are all so nice , xxx

Hi jo , congratulations again !! I really hope both your mum and dad get well , its hard , and knowing we have friends on here keeps us strong , you take care also hun xxxx big hugs aaa

You really have faced so must lately and I agree with you - the heat seems to make the pain worse. You are a wonderful and caring mother and I pray that all will be well with your sons soon. I’m sure the pressure just adds to the fogginess. If anything, will the fogginess help your case? They will see how your body reacts to the stress. I may be wrong, as I haven’t gone through a hearing yet. Next step in the big picture!

Please keep us informed so that we can keep sending prayers to you and your family.
To better and cooler tomorrows ~ hugs~ Sandi :slight_smile:

Oh dear angie, what you have been through! My heart goes out to you and your son.

I know, it can be nearly impossible to get information together for the meetings and things we need to do. Paying bills can be impossible sometimes. Having a conversation can be embarrassing when the fog is in, can't it?

You have been such a strong person and great mom. God bless you for everything.

Be sure to come back often and let the group handle your issues. You are not moaning. These are real issues that hurt you and that's why we are here -- for support.

Here's to your strength and a positive disability meeting!



Ty all so much I think alot of you all xx today has been horrible im so lucky as my mum walked in and I was back on the couch , she stayed with me as she said I didnt tell her how bad I was , then she turned up , it lifted me as the day went on . My meds were upped so it made ne soo tired and a bit spaced . I just feel in an instant I could crack , but I dont ! Again ty all for your support . I just hope tommorow I feel a bit better as im travelling with my son and friend to see the neurologist for my son to have tests , I just wish my body was better than this . Big hugs angie xx