Trigger Point Release?

Yoga at home works better for me...most DVD's give you options for the poses which helps. I would also suggest you look into purchasing a foam roller. I have lots of pain in my back and thighs...the foam roller really helps me focus on specific muscles and trigger points. The best is walking..but only in a pool. I found a pool that keeps the temperature warm enough that my muscles don't seize just getting into the water. That took some time, and it is more expensive than the local park district, but is well worth it for me. Good luck!!

Hi Susan, I'm just outside of Phoenix. I will check out the CD online. I hope you got some walking done! I myself got up and out of the house today so I felt pretty good about that!

I have started the gym myself a month ago I go twice a week I go on bike, treadmill and have just started on weights. I feel great when I have done it. And find it is helping me during the week to.

Hi to all of you! Hope your Mothers Day was a good pain free day! I do restorative yoga and love it, it’s gentle and feels so good when I leave there. I also do water aerobics and tai chi. It’s the best thing ever for me, much better than any meds I’ve tried. I have totally weened myself off of all and just take natural supplements. Makes a difference in my daily routine. I’m not loopy and feeling like a zombie anymore. I drink lots of water and have changed my diet according to my blood type. You can google to find that out.
I’m very tired right now until next time.
Love and prayers to all


I don't know how to do that but I did download an exercise program this week that is supposed to help people with pain. I would be happy to forward you the documents if you email ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ They are a stretches for your hip flexer, and other stretches that help. I haven't started using the program but I hope to start this week. I hate exercising so I'm working myself up to doing it. (mentally) And all you need is a tennis ball.

Hi. Any kind of stretching before or after exercising is helpful. Even small stretches throughout the day help whenever you start to feel stiff : good just to pause for a second and stretch out whatever is bothering you at the moment so you can keep moving. I also do yoga. I think a good one to try is Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners. The work outs are fairly simple stretches. It has two 15 min. workouts on the video. One designed for getting an energizing morning start and the other to wind down your day.

Get the book:

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome - A Survival Manual

by Devin Starlanyl, MD

It has diagrams of showing where to press (trigger point release) for the particular pain area. Lots of other info in it, too.

It's actually a great resource for pain even if it's not from fibro. My hubby refers to it at least once a week for his pains from working two jobs. My college age son has used it.

It's a great resource and one that I think should be in every fibromite's home. I have the first edition. I have not looked at the 2nd edition to see what changes may have been made to it.

And stop eating sugar..... it really does add to pain levels..... but don't replace with artificial sweeteners, they are terrible for you, too.

Thanks, Hope! I know you are right about suger it's inflammatory (so are other foods), and I recently read "The 10 Day Detox Diet" by Dr. Mark Hyman. It's so inspiring. This is meant to get all the things that may be adding to or causing pain, weight gain and mental stuff like depression out of your diet. After you're clean you can add back 1 of the common offenders at a time and see if you have a reaction or not. I have heard for years food may contribute or even cause these problems, so that wasn't news to me, although there is more and worse stuff than I knew. I've also heard eating right can do a lot to help. I never had any guidance in what to do or how to do it, though, and this book does all that. Medicare only pays a nutritionist if you are full blown diabetic, and I can't afford private consults. Anyway, sugar is a big one, it's very addicting too ... I already know that one from personal experience!

I went to a Fibro support group where the woman showed us a roller you can get at any sports store, Wlamart, Target, etc. (or buy from her) and roll out your trigger points to release them. I got one. The catch is, she charges for it showing you HOW. It really irritates me that someone runs a fibro support group with making money off of us as an end goal, when we are suffering and many of us broke BC of fibro/disability can't work etc. I think she's a nice woman and will tell you some things to help but when it comes down to it, she is in business.

Anyhow I wanted to know how to use the roller properly, though it was worth th $15 just to roll it under my back!!!

:) Liz


Look for exercise on the internet. Last week I was looking for exercises for anterior hip tilt and they had some exercises using the roller but I'm sure if you google roller exercises you will find plenty.

Gentle Hugs,


Thanks Stacey! I'll check it out.


My chiropractor just told me there is walking pool for arthritics not too terribly far from where I live. I never heard of such a thing! He said it goes around like a track, but it's water! I can;t wait to find that one.

I got a couple of DVD's too, thanks for your input. One is Tai Chi, which I've done before, and I loved it way back when. I really did feel feel a lightness and enhanced calm energy. I have to stay away from the twisting too, bc of my back though. I used to like yoga a lot, I haven't done it bc I was scared of the twisting. But heck ya gotta do something,,, And, like you said they always show an easier version, in my experience. Maybe you can ask if they will?

The foam roller I got came with a DVD but a lot of the things on it are beyond my current capabilities so I search youtube and found this guy...... he has more than one, but this is a start.

When I started, I don't think I could do everything on here either so I should really watch it again to see if there are some more things I can now add.

Oh, and I think it's totally wrong for someone to charge at the support group like that.

So sorry you didn't have a good outcome. It may very well be that she wasn't very well trained. In my experience it was very painful in the beginning (I cried during the first several sessions), and then I would be wiped out for a day or two, but in the long run it made such a difference.

One thing that is important when doing an extended session of trigger point or any deep tissue massage, is to drink plenty of water afterwards to help flush out the toxins.

You may have better luck using the book and just work areas on yourself that are the most troublesome at the time.

I would avoid any diet that contains the words “detox”. This sort of diet is almost always based on some sort of pseudoscience, and isn’t good for long term health or weight loss. Dr. Hyman, in particular, has made a killing on these diets, catering to the elite and wealthy, and branding his own form of medicine (functional medicine). I could go on about him, but you get the point. :slight_smile:
We don’t need to detoxify our bodies. They are already made to do their own filtering. And any diet that promises rapid weight loss is too good to be true. A good diet containing variety and moderation is all we really need to make our bodies happy for the long term.
Obviously, to each their own, but I hate to see another person taken in by this guy and his junk-science.

Really?! I didn't see anywhere where you give him money...unless it's buying the cookbooks?? Anyway, thanks for the heads up, GrumpyCat, I will definitely check this out more thoroughly!

Like someone else shared, I do feel better (generally, not specific to FM) when I "eat clean" is what I call it, basically fruit, veggies, meat, healthy oils & not much (or any) junk. Unfortunately I LOVE bread in all it's glorious forms...But anyway, that was why it made sense to me.


Thank you Hope, I will check those out.

Yeah, I thought it was a little underhanded myself, but I have never been in a support group before, so I thought oh well, maybe the person running it needs to recoup their costs of hosting it or something. I have never had the money, so I couldn't pay her for anything. She would give some info but then say to really get into come to her seminar, or make an appointment...It's so monumentally hard to get myself anywhere, it feels like a fight when there are roadblocks in it like that.

Thanks for the validation about that.


It’s not that he is asking for money for the masses, though he does host a number of high dollar functions. It’s the information that he sells that is concerning. I’m tying hard to think of a way to explain it so that it conveys thought the internet. Sometimes that is so frustrating! I guess the best way to say it is that the diets are supposedly based on tons of research that doesn’t actually exist. Does that make sense?

Yes, it certainly does make a lot of sense. I don't like BS any more than the next guy, believe me I will jump off a bandwagon faster than anyone. LOL, I got what you meant! I think that's why I prefer emails and texting to talking bc so often I THINK I'm going to say something meaning ful and end up saying ..."Ummm Ahhhh oh darn, I can't remember.."



I will check him and his information out further thanks to your information. I want to say that I have absolutely nothing invested in Dr. Hyman. My point of view is that if his ideas help me, that's all I need. I'm not one of these people who are easily swayed, or jump on every passing bandwagon. In fact, I'm not even a joiner at all.

The reason I was even a little bit persuaded by what he says is because a good bit of I already knew bc I've known some of it for years, or have learned it in other ways. And basically he says many of the same things as my nutritional therapist says and recommends. That's why I was willing to believe the parts he said that I didn't know already.