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Tremors, the "shakes" and muscle jerks

I have a question… Does anyone else get tremors? There are times that my hands shake really badly so where I have these weird muscle tremors. My doctor suggested it might be Parkinson’s. Is it common to have a diagnosis of Parkinson’s with FMS? I have done a lot of research in journals and it seems like both diseases have a lot of similar issues. I also have urinary hesitancy and it is so frustrating LOL! Sometimes it is a process just to empty my bladder!! Is anyone else familiar with this symptom?

I am curious if I am not alone in these symptoms. Sometimes it feels like I am going crazy. Everyday is another symptom adventure. And I am also curious if anyone else has had the diagnosis of Adhesive Arachnoiditis thrown around as a possibility?

I do all the time. My Neurologist prescribed me a very light muscle relaxer that helps. She also has me on savella and gabapentin and my symptoms are nearly gone. It took about 5 years to figure out what worked for me.

Thanks Coreylea! I am very glad to know this is experienced by others. I am on a muscle relaxer, gabapentin, celexa, and cymbalta. The pain, stiffness, and tremors are ridiculously irritating sometimes. But, we have only been working on my meds for a little less than a year. I feel less frustrated, given your input/journey, so thank you for sharing!

Are you able to complete your daily tasks, even if the require dexterity? And, if you don’t mind sharing, what dosage of gabapentin are you on? I am taking 600 mg 3x’s daily. And, based on all of the research I’ve read…it could go higher, but I don’t want to be too groggy.