Topamax....also seems it takes forever for the meds to work

My pain clinic dr. just put me on Topamax, it is only 25mg and I have to half that for 7 days. So far it is making me sicker, of course I have been on many many drugs over the years. Since the pain clinics for the most part don't believe in giving pain meds. I was only on one Vicodin a day and only on bad days or days I really wanted to get out of the house and so something. Now the pain is making my life almost not worth living.

My Dr. is sending me back to physical therapy, and I can hardly do any kind of exersise now without the payback which you all know about. I am now 63 and lived with this many years.

I also have gastric issues and have for years and now my autonomic dr thinks it is gastroparisis, it take forever for any of my meds to work if I have any food in my stomach does anyone else ever have this issue?

I know we are all different....but....

Hi Linda,

I have never taken this drug, so since I had to look it up, decided to list the links. The first link is about the side effects. Nausea is surely one of the SE. I see it is for weight loss, so I'm wondering if it's a large dose of something like caffeine. That would make me sick too.

I use Lyrica as an anti-convulsant for Sciatica, and rather than losing weight, you gain it. I take Opana (morphine), and have to take Phenergan 30-60 minutes before or will be bringing it back up. Call the Dr and tell them of your problem, ask if they would give you a script for generic Phenergan, to see if that helps with the nausea. It's worth a shot, especially if it helps with the migraines. Just know that it will make you tired and sleepy, I'm given a 25 mg tablet, but perhaps you could cut it in half. Talk to your Dr, see what he thinks.

Thank you so much. I just don’t understand the thinking any more. The last time I used the pain clinic they gave me pain meds. I never became addictive. When I didn’t need them I didn’t take them. I have been on so many different drugs in the past 28 years since my diagnosis.
I don’t do well on any antidepresents at all. In fact became suicidal on them not to mention weight gain.
With all the GI issues I have I do have phengrene and bentyle I have had major GI bleeds from the medications.
To be honest I can get 420 which works but they do drug test me and of course if I have that in my system I am completely in trouble.