I have had toothache mostly on the left side of my jaw for some years now, it never seems to go. Some days are worse than others, and all the dentists I’ve seen (about 6) have said it’s because of the TMJD and noting to do about it, other than put up with it.
Has anyone else got the same with their teeth because of the fibro or TMJD? I have to go to dentist today to have a filling replaced so may ask again.

I’ve got the same but on the right side, my tooth aches and my gum get really really painful aswell. I’ve been told the same about it being from tmj and others say it’s got nothing to do with it. I’m off to the dentist next week but I’ve also got a hard lump growing out of my gum in another area.

I know when I am in full body ache my teeth, and jaws ache pretty bad too. This phenomenon is occurring more now than when I first started off with my symptoms. It generally goes away with my pain meds or when my symptoms actually decease. I think it is wise to ask your dentist again, and see if there is some therapy, or other solutions s/he can offer you, to help reduce the occurrence and pain. Please keep us posted in what your dentist has to say. Sending you big hugs.


I have TMJ and was told that surgery can be done in some cases but since i had my jaw broke i dont want to do that. Please let us know what the dentist says.

hi.. tmj is often treated with a teeth guard to wear at night as tmj is often the result of grinding the teeth while sleeping. i had this over 20 years ago and it was quiet awful. good news is i no longer have this. please call around and find a dentist who treats tmj.. or perhaps even a neurologist. but call first to save yourself some time before going if they dont treat this condition. all the best



Once upon a time I had my jaw broke in several places, so then, several years ago my left jaw hurt & silly me thought it was a Fibro thing, I would smear numb gum stuff on & deal w/it. Turned out that I had an infected tooth root. I was put on super-duper antibiotics for 2 wks & then I had to have a root canal done,

I did ask my dentist yesterday about the aching tooth/teeth, and he did have a look at it and at the ex-ray they took the other week. He also tapped it and a couple of others there and said that they "looked ok, but will keep an eye on it". Apart from that he had nothing to offer.

Thanks for the big hugs-sending some back.


Hi Suzie,

I find that dentists here in UK are not too good at things that are different from their 'usual' things. I shall just have to put up with it for now, it does come and go, and have some stuff to put on it to numb it when it's worse. I don't think I grind my teeth, no sign of it anyway I was told.

Hugs back to you, thnaks.


Hi purplebutterfly,

Years ago I was told it was arthritis in the jaw, but a few years ago they said it wasn't that it was TMJ. The dentist was not too helpful, he did tap the tooth and a few others along the top and said that they looked ok, but will have to keep an eye on it for now. Fingers crossed it doesn't get too bad, as they don't like to remove teeth any more.


Hi Avenk,

My teeth have been causing problems for nearly 20 years now, and no matter what gets done, they still ache. I am a stressful sort of a person I guess, but when you have aches and pains everywhere, it's hard not to be stressed. I don't like dentists-who does? I always thought that you have toothache-you go to the dentist-problem solved and no more toothache. But that doesn't work any more with my teeth. Even when I asked about removing the aching teeth, they all say that it wouldn't make a difference, the aching would continue! My jaw is worse on the left side, pain comes down the jaw in front of my ear, I rub Ibuprofen gel there, it helps a bit.

Good luck with your dental work, and Hugs to you.


Hi Lovett,

I did try a mouth/bite guard some years ago before I was told I had fibro. It was for another mouth related thing, but didn't seem to make any difference. I will have to see if I still have it somewhere and try it again.
Thanks. SueT.

Hi, I also have pain in my jaw and teeth, some days it feels like I have electric shocks running down every single tooth.

I also am waiting to try a mouth guard at night. No advice for the muscular pain except if the guard doesn't work, you'll be referred to a specialist...... I guess it's just another thing no one knows how to treat!


Have you tried the mouth guard yet, hope it works for you. It does feel sometimes like electric shock through the tooth. Have seen a 'specialist' some years ago, and they could not find anything wrong with the teeth, just put it down to TMJD then. Something else to put up with I guess.


Hi Sue,

I just read your post. I have fibro and TMJ and Trigeminal neuralgia, and I am a Registered Dental Assistant. There are guards you can wear over your teeth. They are expensive if your dentist makes them, or you can get one at your local pharmacy. If you have cracked a tooth, a crack is not always visible on a Xray. Sometimes you have to make the diagnosis by symptoms. Also, you can take ibuprofen because it has an anti inflammatory agent than helps bring down the swelling in the tempromandibular joint. And lastly you can check with a local oral surgery office, to see if they treat TMJ. There is physical therapy and a specific panoramic x ray to make sure you don't have any joint or bone defects.

Hi Stacy,

I did try a mouth guard some while ago but didn't seem to help, and the dentist doesn't seem interested either. I saw an 'NHS specialist' some years ago and he said there was nothing wrong with the teeth and a neurologist I also saw around the same time said I didn't have fibro, because I didn't have pain when he touched my jaw! I still don't feel pain if I touch my jaw but my back always feels like it's on fire. Had a panoramic x ray some time ago-can't remember what they said but nothing bad. I also can't take Ibuprofen unfortunately as it makes my stomach worse, although I've been given Tramadol for the back pain.I can't afford to go 'private' so have to stick with the NHS for now and put up with it.

Thanks. SueT.

Hi, no I'm hopefully getting it next week. They only took a mould of my lower teeth, I was expecting a full on boxers mouth guard hahaha!

I'm a bit fed up of seeing specialists as all I get is "we don't know"

So I'm like you, just another thing to put up with x