Today has been such a challenge!

I feel so bad I got nothing accomplished, i suffered with a migraine and I feel like i have the flu stuffy sinus and IBS major Flare and it just doesn't help to try to deal with the isolation and emotional stress, I just need to vent I can't get comfortable my body is numbing, my legs all the way down to my feet numbing and tingle such a mess even my eyes one to talk to that will understand. Its too early to try and sleep, cause i'll be up all night with my bladder anyways,I know I'll be ok I just can't hold All this stuff in right now. thanks all and gentle hugs

hi MrsB,, i am glad you came here to get your feelings out and know that you are always given the love and support that one needs when dealing with so much illness. i will keep good thoughts, prayers and send you many HUGGGGGGS,. I know it is way hard to sleep with all that going on.. i hope you will be able to rest some...more HUGGGGGGGS


I am sending gentle hugs your way. I know some days are more challenging but you are strong and will get thru this. Soft hugs.

Hi Mrsbobbye,

Very sorry for how you are feeling today. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Please post tomorrow and let us know how you are feeling and if you were able to sleep tonight.

Thank you.

Jackie S

I thought I would add my hugs to this ever growing pile of hugs sent your way. It is good to vent, release and then open yourself up to the love we are sending. You are a very strong person. Sometimes taking care of ourselves by meeting our needs and resting is accomplishing lots. Be gentle with yourself, we see how hard you have worked. You do deserve that break Avenk spoke off. Hugs x 100000000.

Good Morning lovett, Thanks so much for giving me feed back and making me feel a part of of this group in which you guys always have, I look forward to what I have and try one day at a time I have a lot is going on health wise but at least my head is not pounding, I am going to try and get something done around the house while it is still early. I pray that you have a blessed day! Love and Blessings Always Bobbye

Hi avenk, I just want to reply because I was truly touched by everyone response to my post I am so glad I did it made me feel some one cares about me and what its like to be in a life of constant

pain. I am so glad to be a part of this group I have friends here and I am grateful.. work is hard and I forgot that I had worked the day prior and my body really needed

the rest.. I hope all is well with you and I send you hugs and blessings as well, Always Bobbye

good morning suzie, thanks for your support it was much appreciated, I did not feel as if I slept because I was in so much discomfort and I also have an over active bladder but It is a new day and I will do my best to be grateful and count my blessings instead of thinking about the negative, I love to get your HUGGGGGGS, no one does them quite like you and at times when i reply to comments or send a message I use your HUGGGGGS, I hope you don't mind.

I hope today is a good day for you too, the weather is beautiful, even though I am not up to being outside I hope to at least try a little walk I have so much to do in my house that I need to accomplish while my body will allow me..

Have A Blessed Day, with love Always, Bobbye

Thank You lovett, I took that selfie with my granddaughter back in june I had did her hair for her junior prom but I was not able to see her and I wanted to remember the day.. looking forward to sharing lots of photos on my page Is there someone in our group that's the expert, I am trying to customize my page, I think you told me once before but I forgot, it was a while ago and many pains and brain fogs(lol)!

Blessings Bobbye!

Good Morining Auburnm, I received your hugs and uplifting words of encouragement, I so wanted to be friends here and feel a sense of connection, I had been slow in posting letting doubt and saddness and most likely pride get in my way, I know that having a constant contact and relationship with others is important and so beneificial to our well being.. thank you and soft hugs, Love and Blessings Always, Bobbye!

Hello Jackie I tossed and turned and kept having to go empty my bladder but I did get some broken bits enough to get me going this morning. got up and watered my plants and made a smoothie that did not take an hour, due to brain fog so that is a blessing in itself.. thanks for thinking of me. It sure helps so much to feel loved.. I hope to get to know everyone better, I know we all are alike in so many ways.. You Have a Blessed Day Gentle Hugs, Bobbye

Thanks Sooooo Much Singingtrees!! Hugs x 10000000 that's so sweet. I so appreciate All the love and I thought when I started to reply that the numbness and tingling in my body, especially my left side. was not going to allow me to do so one by one But I did I made it to You Yea!! I want to build a great friendship here because this group have really saved my life and given me hope so nice to be able to come here and share our lives and support one another . Blessings to you, Bobbye

Please stay strong. I know exactly how you feel. Know that i am here for you always and you can let all of it out to me and i am sure to us all. Prayers to you and gentle hugs back.

Mrs. Bobbye - My heart is with you.... I too had a migraine all weekend.... sending you love and best wishes xoxoxo... If you need someone to talk to feel free to message me