To all the ladies out there

So…as we all have chronic pain, I hate when it’s that time of the month my symptoms are exacerbated by hormones. I suffer from PMDD added with fibromyalgia just sucks extra during this time. Just wondering if I’m alone in this. Its just harder during this lovely time…lol…I dreaded it…

Hi Necee,

No, you are not alone in this. I hate that time of the month because I know my fibromyalgia symptoms will be twice as bad. It just wears me out to the point where I cannot do much of anything for a week straight. I have to pace myself as it is, but once that time of the month comes around, I am miserable. Just like you, I also suffer with PMDD.

Hugs, Shell

Hi Necee,

I can relate to what you are saying. Not only is the Fibro pain present during that time of the month, but the cramps, fatigue and depression are worse also. I also have PMDD. I had it before I was diagnosed with Fibro, but it seems worse accompanied by the Fibro symptoms. When my cycle ends and I go back on my birth control pill, I feel better than I did when they were both hitting me. I hope you feel better soon : )



Thanks sara!

I have the same problem. I’ve found that birth control definitely helps with the symptoms even if it doesn’t get rid of them entirely. I’m at least able to function.