I have to admit that I have not looked through here to see if there is more information on TMJ. I was recently told that I do indeed have TMJ. I have to say that it sucks. I hate it. The other night, I couldn't sleep it was so bad. I am going to see a specialist soon about it. (As a side note, I really think that I should have a checklist to see what specialist I have seen, maybe like a bucket list).

I am wondering what others have done that have helped.

Thanks so much!

Hi jm,

Click on discussions, and use the search engine at the top of the page, and you come up with 94 results for TMJ

We also have a group for fibro and TMJ with 28 members

I hope this is a help to you. I personally do not have TMJ, but you may want to join the group, and hook up with the other members, surely they have valuable wisdom to share.

Wishing you well,


Please check out the posts in the TMJ group. I have noted some of the things that I have used over time to deal with the pain and dysfunction that the medical community calls TMJ syndrome. It is very painful and tough to deal with until you figure out what things work for you.