Tired and sleepy all day does anyone else feel like this

Hi gang it's SUZYQ I have a question.I've been tired sleepy all day taking 6 20-30 minute naps falling asleep sitting up vertigo and several episodes of chest pain.I've been sleeping 8 1/2 hours Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday night.I made a Dr appoint ment yesterday Monday July 28.he asked a lot of questions did a through exam and ordered blood tests.my blood pressure is 105 over 75 and the temperature is 96 degrees.his office called with the lawbreakers all the tests are normal.I asked if b12 and iron were ordered they .said no because anemia wasn't indicated.I asked what his orders were .I was told the situation would resolve itself and because I didn't have a temperature I wasn't contagious.any suggestions could this be FIBRO or something else.thanks gang have a good day


I feel this way at times. I could sleep all day today. Blood work is a strange thing. I went to see the doctor a while back and felt pretty good. My blood work was horrible. I hope you are better soon. Rest and take care of yourself.

I echo PB's thoughts. I hope things get better for you too. Perhaps writing down your symptoms in a diary and keep track for a few weeks and then show that to your doctor. Maybe include the activities you are doing and how much sleep you get a night. Sometimes patterns arise that might alert your doctor to look further into the matter. Sending you hugs and support.

Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information I'll do that.

I'm going to call my np and tell her the situation and have the primary Dr have the exam report with his notes and blood test results faxed to her and see what she thinks.I'll keep a symptom/activity/sleep diary and fax it or make an appointment with her

Hi Lovett no there hasn't been any change in medication.I'm taking 125 mgs thyroid medicine a multivitamin and 2000 mgs of vitamin d.the chest pain/difficulty breathing hasn't happened very often.I'll ask about the vertigo medication.

Maybe your not getting quality sleep even though your sleeping eight hours . Try taking a a sold nap mid day and set an alarm . I take one for a hour and a half and I wake finally feeling like I had sleep . See if that helps

Hi Suzanne what time do you take your nap.Dr oz says to take a nap seven hours after waking up that would be 1pm for me.thanks I'll try it tomorrow.it's hectic HERE during the daytime we live in a big apartment building near the office.trucks cars people dogs coming and going from 8 an-4:30PM when the staff leaves.

It depends , no later than 4 pm . but oddly taking it even this late doesn't stop me from sleeping at night . It's as if i could sleep anytime no matter how much , but the sleep from the nap is more restful ?

Thanks for the information I'll try it tomorrow I'll let you know how it works on Thursday.Wednesday's a good day no paper Saturday and Sunday even better no staff and paper


To be honest I would like to sleep all day, everyday! I really get very stressed when I know I have to get up in the mornings to go to work or look after my grandchildren. This makes me very sad because I never had a problem with this in the past.