Tinnitus, anyone else?

I have had tinnitus for many years - possibly related to having music (from the band I played on keyboard with), cranked up in my ears - especially the drums - as everyone needs to stay with them! Also, possibly related to grinding my teeth at night… Or, genetic, as my father had it as well. He was a gunner in WWII and also worked around aircraft engines - Both loud things that might have contributed to his condition.
Mine usually sounds like a high pitched digital noise. Years ago, I was diagnosed with 10% tonal hearing loss in my r. ear, and told that the tinnitus was only in that ear (Oddly, it is hard to tell it is only in one ear). Now, I can tell that my hearing loss is more severe - I’m always asking my husband to repeat himself.
Just wondering if anyone else experiences this, and how you deal with it.

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This issue is very much caused from medications as well. I am 82 have it off and on over my life and hardly none now…grape seed extract is wonderful for all circulation including the ears. I notice less since using HGH homeopathic gel.

One can also check out homeopathics for tinnitus.

I’m pretty sure mine has a lot to do with damage from loud noises & bruxism, and it came on years before I was on any medications. But, it is good to know about grape seed extract. I saw that in another one of your posts. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks, jaminhealth!

I had been on Opiates for years and decided I was not getting help any longer from them so I stopped. Shortly after, I got this strange thumping in my ear, like I was hearing my heart beat. It was strange, loud and annoying. I still get the tinnitus sometimes and like you, I clench my teeth all night long! During the day too, but I can control it more than at night. I wake up with my teeth firmly stuck together! I am not sure what the answer is and if there is even a cure for it. Have you been able to get an appointment with a specialist to have your hearing checked to see if it’s getting worse? I sure hope it’s not!! Hugs.

No appointment yet. I am always seeing doctors for something and it gets so old, if you know what I mean. I have read that hearing aids might help.
The “thumping” is interesting. I knew someone who actually had loud banging in his ears for a while and finally got it under control.
Thank you, gramybear, for your thoughts. You are such a sweet lady! :purple_heart:

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Just having that ringing for short periods of time drives me crazy. I can only imagine having it continuously. I have a friend who lives with it 24/7… I feel so bad for her. I hope the doctor can help some how! And yes, going to the doctors gets very old very quickly!! Sending quiet hugs!!

I’ve had tinnitus since I was 39 (same year my dad began having his). I’m now 59 and counting. Mine is now in both ears and it’s different pitches. I sometimes wish the pitch would at least be in harmony! My dad was also a WWII vet. He was in the Air Force and helped land planes in Africa. He was also a musician (organist, pianist, and singer for quartets and groups). I was in band from middle school through college, so I was exposed to loud sounds too. It’s hard to know if there is any genetic component or all volume we exposed our ears to all those years.
I’ve been taking grapeseed extract, but I haven’t noticed any change. I will look into this HGH gel!

Hi, 2Blessed,
I’m sorry you suffer from this, as well. Let me know if you have any luck in calming it down - Wouldn’t it be great to get some relief?!