Living With Fibromyalgia - Online Support Group

Time Vanishes . .


Well, Where to begin? I have been dealing with extreme Fibro and TOS issues the last many weeks; unable to work (Yes, I managed to attempt to work in late 2015) - My Dr has had me on no activity and no work and the depression is setting in on top of the pain and everything else so I decided to look up fibro support groups, vaguely remembering there were some (fibro fog) . . . What a nice surprise to discover I had joined this one in 2014 and reading through the old discussion realized you all were a big help for me! I regret I had not been active and keeping everyone updated. As we all know, we aren't good at juggling too many things at once :) I spent most of 2014/2015 taking care of my elderly mother in law and taking care of me. She then passed and a few months after that I was offered a job with the company I had worked for previously for 10 years - so I decided to try working again. I paced myself, rested on weekends, naps at lunchtime, etc, however in February I got sick with URI and that triggered full on Fibro and TOS . . . I haven't been capable of much of anything since then.

Glad to have found this community again and looking forward to connecting with others