Time for some Friday quotes!

  1. You’ll never get the dog that you want. You’ll always get the dog that you need.

  2. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. Except for dogs -I want dogs to like me!

  3. I don’t have ducks. They are not in a row. I have squirrels. They are at a rave!

  4. I accidentally wore a red shirt to Target today and, long story short, I’m covering for Debbie this weekend.

  5. Mom, did you know if you play in the mud and don’t wash your hands you can get the grownup virus? --Joseph Age 5

6.So, you’re staying inside practicing social distancing and cleaning yourself? Congratulations! You’ve become a house cat!

  1. People are mad about not being able to go places. Please! I was grounded about 90% of the time between 7th and 12th grade. I trained for this!

That’s our gramybear! She’s on her way back.

So happy for you, and thanks for the smiles!


PS How does a tree join a Ben’s Friends community?


Hmm, turning a web-leaf? Barking around? Groping with its roots? Spreading its branches to another branch of B’sFC? Surely not logging in, because then it’d be a dead tree and would need someone to log it in, a forester … :blush: :crazy_face: :thinking: No idea! Help me, someone!?

PS How does a tree join a Ben’s Friends community?

The tree logs on.

How does a what do what? LOL… I’m lost. Nothing new in this brain but hey!! LOL

Oh my gosh everyone! I’m about ready to fall off my chair from laughing! :joy::rofl:

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Haha haha how did I miss all this? Oh, yeah, I hibernated last weekend…first I’m cracking up at Gbear’s #4 and #6, and then I’m witnessing the hottest new comedy act in town (aka Seenie and JSC)! Freedom, good thing I was laying down so I didn’t join you on the floor.
You guys are a riot :star_struck:

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Hey gals and JSC! We have a new member who just joined from another one of our communities. She’s @Susie, and you can see her profile by clicking on that @Susie tag.

Thought I’d introduce her on one of your “party” threads. You know, so you can make a good impression on her. LOL


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Hahaha, Seenie, guess we are kinda letting our hair down- But, you did start it, you know?!

@Susie, welcome to the community (and to the party!)
We are very glad to have you here!


Thank you so much Seenie! Happy to find the support. Are you living in Australia now? I have visited Sydney a few times and just loved it.


Susie, I actually have a toy Aussie, and that’s where my user name (AussieMom) came from. When I joined this community, I thought it was a great name, until everyone (understandably) assumed I was from Australia- LOL. I guess it hadn’t dawned on me, at the time, that folks from many countries were on this site…
I actually live in the U.S., in Oklahoma, which is definitely not as exciting! I would love to visit Australia someday- I’m jealous that you have been!
I see, from your bio, that you live in Arizona. It also says that one of your treatments is Botox. Is that for migraines? I have a friend who suffers with migraines and told me that Botox has really helped her.

Friday quotes is Gramybear’s, AussieMom. Oh wait … ya, I did kind of start the chaos – the really lame joke was mine.

I’m in Canada, near Ottawa. Not the coldest part of our fair land, but pretty chilly. I’m jealous of your having been to Australia too. It’s one of the places on my bucket list.

Apologies to @JayCS, who I called “JSC” in the post ^up^there^. Silly me.

Seenie from ModSupport. We are a team of four who share a screen name and an account: Sharon, Merl, TJ and Seenie. We’re supposed to sign our posts to identify ourselves. Most of us do most of the time.

JSC?: Was wondering where that dirty-faced imposter’d sneaked in from… :relieved: :smirk_cat:
Lame?: We all know, Seenie, that was deliberate to make even me think I could pick up the gauntlet…
But when I threw it the gals caught it mid-air and played piggy-in-the-middle with me. :pouting_cat:
Oh, well a few hours of bliss :person_in_lotus_position: followed by sillily running to and fro like an Aussie Toy - ehm, Toy Aussie - or Sady…

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Oh dear, Susie is going to get the wrong impression.
Or even worse, the right impression!

Omg that is a great story! What is your dogs name? Yes the botox they put in my jaw for tmd and my scm muscle as well as traps. I really look forward to that day especially for the jaw. I had 2 surgeries for eagls.syndrome which took forever to diagnose but thankfully the styloids are out. Whenever I would zumba and turn my head i would get so dizzy. And even in my sleep it would be like I passed out…turns out my styloids behind the ears had overgrown and were jamming into my carotid artery. I spent a year in bed really thought I was dying. That’s why the vertigo Pt did nothing. Bottom line i learned you have to advocate for yourself as I just kept researching my symptoms. I wemtbto so many specialists it was finally an ENT whole helped me! We lived in Toronto for a time which I really enjoyed in the summers! Thanks so much for the warm welcome!

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LOL! I must have thought we needed about 20 more! :heart_eyes:

Excuse me, J C S, but the “toy aussie” has a name - Bella! She says that YOU may hereafter refer to her only as “MISS Bella of the Living with Fibro community.” Everyone else can call her Bella. :dog:

YES! SUSIE! We must ALL learn to be an advocate for ourselves - Especially when our body is saying something isn’t right, or we feel that our doctor hasn’t found the root of our problem. I learned this the hard way as well. My gallbladder came close to bursting when the ER doctor (who thought it was pancreatitis, and found out it wasn’t) just shot me up with morphine and sent me home. He knew I had an ultrasound scheduled for the next day, but the lady that ran the ultrasound was super upset that he hadn’t done it at the hospital. Two days later, I finally had the surgery. My gallbladder was huge, and hemorrhaging, but luckily the surgeon was able to remove it with no problem.
I think that you should start a Topic about the botox you received. It is quite the education for me - I had no idea that they could put it in your jaw. Wow -It sounds like you were very ill. A year in bed? Bless your heart! I am SO glad that they found the problem and were able to correct it! And, very glad that you didn’t give up! :blue_heart:

@gramybear, we’ve kind of hijacked your thread … so sorry!

But the good news is, :boom: IT’S FRIDAY :boom:
Does that mean you have more Friday quotes for us?


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Welcome, Susie!!! This is a great group of people!!!