Throat swelling.... allergy or fibro symptom

Two days ago when the weather changed I seemed to start a flare up with swelling in my throat. Over the last 10 years I have eliminated more and more foods because when this would happen I would suspect it to be a food allergy. Now the last two times I have noticed on the day I wake with it, I am in full muscle spasm. That is what usually wakes me is the pain from that. My husband gets me my pills and water and I realize I can barely swallow it and realize my throat is swollen. I usually take benadryl for two full days and it gets better. But I will fight a full flare up for days. I did not start thing they may be related until this last time. I ate nothing at all different from any other day. No fruits, basic salad and turkey and potatoes. Anyone else have this issue or am I going crazy?

Wow! I'm not familiar with this problem unless it's from allergies. My fibro doesn't affect me that way. That's not to say it can't. I wonder if you may have something else going on(?). My mother has problems swallowing but, her's came from years of being advanced diabetic. I'm NOT saying you could be diabetic -- I'm just pointing out you could have a different problem that's causing it(?). Perhaps you are coming down with something?

Good luck and, I hope you get it figured out and feel better.


I check my sugar once a week because I had gestation diabetes with two children. I have to keep my weight down which is hard with Lyrica so sometimes it is borderline. Right now it is borderline so I wonder if you hit on something. I will start tracking that too and see if it is up during the same time. Thanks, Scarlett