Thoughts on claims to Cure fibro

I just found a book at my kid's daycare's thrift sale titled "Reversing Fibromyalgia" by Dr Joe M Elrod. I picked it up as it was only 50 cents and I figured it couldn't hurt to see what the man has to say. I am so skeptical however. I don't know as though I believe that Fibro can be cured by simply natural stuff. I think it can be managed better, but I don't know about cured. What do the rest of you think. I'm just curious. Also, has anyone ever read this book? I have not started it yet - I've only just skimmed through it.

I agree with Lovett. If it sounds to good to be true it usually is. That being said they might have something in the book that might help your pain so I wouldn't completely discredit the book. I was just diagnosed in February so I am reading everything I can get my hands on to understand what people know or think is the cause of Fibromyalgia. And trying to stay stress/anxiety free as much as possible. I am also willing to change my eating habits to see if that helps improve my overall health. I've tried that exercise thing everyone keeps talking about but I'm still in to much pain to do much of that. My hands swell when I walk and I feel achy afterwards. I think I might start with chair yoga or something like that.

Please read the book and tell us if you find anything that might be helpful.

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Beautifully put, Lovett. Plus, if a cure was available naturally, all of the drug companies would come running out of the woodwork to bottle and sell it as a high priced pharmaceutical.

I"m a physician, naturopath, accupunturist, yogini. Yes I believe the cure to FM is based on energetics. That's why traditional medicine hasn't been able to pin point the cause of all of the autoimmune problems. The etiology of the autoimmune dysfuntons are psycho-imunological. Meaning there is a basis in the "mind" that translates to the body. Of course the precdent set up for the immune dysfunction has to be there: the soil has to be fertile for the immune disorder to take hold, either geneticlly or environmentally, or situaltionally. Western medicine keeps throwing drugs at symptoms. Eastern medicine tries to find the root cause of the dysfunction. And there is not one root cause for the autoimmune diseases: they are multifactorial. So one approach for all doesn't work there either. Stress reduction is imperative! Your adrenals modulate your pain perception and energy levels ultimately, although a underperfoming thyroid has to be looked at too. However supplementing thyroid can be dangerous, especially in those over 50. I've seen patients of other doctors killed with supplementing thyroid to "normal" lab levels, they went into something called high output cardiac failure. In other words, their hearts couldn't keep up with the push the thryoid meds gave their systems. I think meds are wonderful as an adjunct to pain relief, which is a horrible stressor of the system in any circumstance. So is getting rid of people places things that stress. Then being mindful of your own internal conversations that are stressful is the hardest and requires a "walking meditation" thru life. I'm going to start very soon on my own protocol that I used to use on my patients before I got FM to see if it will work for me. It's vitamines and an acupunture treatment, about twice a week to start, but I continue to take my pain meds so I don't backslide into a vicious circle of pain/stress, which I know sets me back.