Those who work and now u feel your health is better?

My job is so stressful, working towards working part time, I think it will my health. Any feedback on those who have done it?

Great advice! Thanks!.

Hi Necee,,
I had to stop working in Jan. 2010 and at that time I thought I could not get any worse but I have. Sorry I just can't say anything else.
Jackie S

Hi Necee,

I have not worked since 2009....It was a long and tedious fight to get SSI...But I just couldn't do it anymore....I don't know if I feel better.....but when the chronic fatigue hits....I am a few feet away from my bed which is good.....Only you can decide when it's too much....Working while battling this illness is stress in itself...but you've gotten good advise about going to a lawyer...but also make sure you have a Dr who is in your corner and truly believes in you...


I was working, but my doctor told me to stop. I feel like a dope for now realizing how bad I was and just plugging along. He caught it before it got really, really bad with chronic fatigue spells, anxiety attacks, noise intolerance, and a very limited day of activity. I could at one point only function 3 hours per day before needing to take to bed, for any chance of pain relief. Now that summer is here, I'm feeling a bit better. I also had to leave my apartment as they were doing pointing work and the scafolds and drilling and banging noise gave me a nervous break down last year. I'm trying very hard to get better, but setbacks occur. Stress being a major trigger to them. I'm changing my life so I can limit stress. Unfortunately people have been a major stressor for me and now I'm dealing with isolation, on the other end. And feeling sort of "useless" having work as a major source of ego gratification. I just couldn't do my job and concentrate in that amount of pain, and didn't want to work on narcotics and become addicted in that vicious circle. I have a SSDI hearing in Oct. and am working with a lawyer, which helps with the stress on that end, as well.

This is the second time I had to quit working. I think I am doing a little better since I quit, but a little stress and boom its flare up time. Even with not working you cant get away from stress. Just not being able to work for me causes stress. I may be rambling. Sorry. but maybe you can get the jist of what Im saying :)