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This is what has helped me with pain and energy


I am only sharing what has helped me, I’m not suggesting you follow my example. Anything I share should be thoroughly researched before trying :smile:
So you know where I’m coming from: I have only used traditional medicines in the past. I never really felt that alternate medicine helped me that much. But since fibromyalgia, things have changed. I take the usual stuff we try: gabapentin, antidepressants, trazadone for sleep. I had to lower the gabapentin because it was causing a lot of cognitive problems, so pain went up. I have two things that I use.

  1. A friend suggested I try kratom for pain because she gets so much relief from it. Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is from a tree grown mostly in Southeast Asia and is related to the coffee family. It is NOT an opiate but acts like an opiate in the brain. It is not addictive like opiates but the FDA is trying to ban it. It may not be legal in your state, you’d have to check.
    To me, this plant is a paradox causing alertness like coffee (without the jitters coffee causes) and body relaxation (without the sleepiness). It is an excellent pain reliever. It has been used as medicine for thousands of years. It comes in many varieties (like green, red, white, gold) each having its own properties. It can be cheap or expensive. I’m extremely cautious so I first bought it at an apothecary in San Francisco, now I buy it online from the same source.
    Just FYI I use a blend called Woolly Mammoth. (I believe it is also known as Superior Red Dragon.) It sounds mystical if not downright pretentious, but it is amazing. My body relaxes, my pain decreases and I even feel a little more clear headed (but still not 100%.) I don’t take it to eliminate all my pain, only to make it more bearable. I still need Gabapentin, it is my staple. I do NOT like to feel high. And no, Marijuana does not help me. Kratom may have a few side effects (I don’t really have any), but last time I checked, just about every medication I take has a long list of side effects that may lead to death. I do not know if there are drug interaction problems, again, most of my meds are contraindicated for (to?) each other.

  2. For the best energy, I use Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, and Eleuthero. It comes in a blend from the same company as the kratom called Nervous System Reset. It compliments the kratom and boosts my energy.

Both the kratom and the Nervous System Reset come in powder form which I mix with cranberry juice (in a shaker). Kratom is rather bitter and the cranberry juice helps cover that. I also use it in a vanilla protein powder with great success (milkshake anyone?). Kratom also comes in capsule form from some companies.
I still have good and bad days, these aren’t miracle makers. Or perhaps for some of us they are. At the very least, it gives me some hope.
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Hear hear, Mrspeele! :clap::clap::clap:
(And thank you for putting this in the Complementary Therapies section. :point_up_2::point_up_2: Two thumbs up!)

Ben’s Friends would also add this – in bold, no less!:
Always be sure to inform your doctors and your pharmacist about all supplements, vitamins, and herbals that you are taking. You’d be surprised at how many can have interactions with your medications! (And you probably don’t want to find out … :wink: )



I am really shocked that there is only one post on here about Kratom. With so many negative side effects from pharmaceuticals, I wish there wasn’t so much fear about Kratom. I used to feel the same way but after taking it a few times I started to ask myself what was the down side and I couldn’t think of anything. Except maybe the taste. It doesn’t have negative side effects, it lifts depression and helps with sleep and energy, and it controls my pain. I don’t feel a psychological need to take it, and I can skip a day and not think about it. I also went through a whole winter without getting sick while taking it. I trust the vender at Red Devil Kratom and of all the things I’ve tried for Fibromyalgia this is by far the most positive. I believe the drug companies are behind the fight to discredit Kratom because they can’t patent it. It is an herb, a plant from a tree related to coffee. It is a threat to them because it is so effective without all the negative consequences.


Thank you for mentioning Kratom. I wish more people knew about it, and how many Benefits it has for Fibromyalgia. I posted a comment below about my experience with Kratom. Compared to my experience with pharmaceuticals it has been a life changer.


I tried Kratom and it did not help. I also tried CBD and it did not help with pain. The cost of many of the alternative treatments is an issue for people that are on disability or cannot work. I have wanted to try the hyperbaric chamber, but cannot afford $125.00 a session. It would be great if insurance would cover some of these treatments. I pay for massages every other week, out of pocket. That is about all my budget can handle.