Think about a sleep study

I do not know why my Rhumy never ordered a sleep study be done on me. I remember him telling me on the day I was diagnosed that people with Fibro never reach the 4th stage of sleep. I wonder if fibro IS a sleep disorder. OR the results of a sleep disorder. I remember the material he gave me and the steps I had to go through to get my fibro (better?). One of the things was to achieve the 4th stage of sleep. Rhumy prescribed Trazodone... that should help me with sleep...Yeahhhh O.K. BUT NEVER SENT ME FOR A SLEEP STUDY. I know my Dr.s probably think I have lost my mind as I keep telling them SOMETHING ELSE IS NOT RIGHT... I shake now all the time... feel it inside my whole body... my head feels shaky and at times becomes too heavy to hold up. My legs tremor and I STAY exhausted... the headaches and jaw clenching ... I may have Fibro... BUT I believe something else is going on as well.

I got my sleep study done and YEAH some serious apneas going on... but most alarming to me are the central apnea... yeah.... MY brain forgets to tell me to breath... Now maybe I could blame that on Fibro fog but...LOL... I doubt it... I also breath very very shallow....barley breathing at all... I just believe that anyone who has a diagnoses of fibro. should go have a sleep study done... it sure wont hurt anything.

So now I am going to make an appointment with my GP and BEG her to order the MRI of my head so that will already be done for the neurologist when I go... LOL... I know they HATE me playing DR. But I have been trying to tell them and they stopped listening. O.K. Rant over!!! LOL

Y'all seriously remember that YOU hire them to work for YOU... Make them WORK!!!

Hello Belinda,

Sorry to hear of the problems you are experiencing. Sadly a big part of the worry of Fibro is that it might be something else. Glad to hear you have had the sleep study done at last, it is something I follow with interest. Good luck with your Doc, yes I think they should work for you, but at the end of the day you have got to trust them. Let us know how you get on

Take care, Anne

Thanks Anne, In the beginning I had full trust in my Drs. My GP sent me to a pain management Dr. who agreed with me at that time that my SI joints were misaligned (again) BUT who wants to do my injections ect... and I do not know him well enough to put my trust in him...only good thing he had to offer was X-Ray guided injections...My Rhumy injects my SI joints blind...that scares me...I have to choose between my Rhumy and the pain management Dr. Pain management Dr. made it clear he does not believe in Fibro...That is not a good thing . I believe he would be the one to send me to the right Drs for tests ect... My Rhumy "likes" me...LOL... that is another story... but he is very good at what he does... at the same time he does not listen to me anymore. I go to him tomorrow and I will show him my sleep study and insist that something more is going on than just fibro... Central Apneas is a failure of the brain to send the message to the right place to BREATH...CPAP can help with the other obstructive apneas but not with Central. That has something to do with the brain stem...They do not just happen.

Anne if your ins. covers a sleep study which they should try getting one set up... it really was an eye opener for me to know what was actually happening to me while I sleep. I never have a problem going to sleep...well I do if I do not take the Trazadone... I have got to stop taking that... I used to never have a problem going to sleep my issue is staying awake... I have NO energy...I am weak all the time and tired tired tired. Since the sleep studt I find myself being afraid to go to sleep...LOL... with good reason. I will keep y'all informed as I go through this journey...Sorry I have rambled so much...I have so much to say ... and nobody to tell it to except y'all in here....I need to blog ...

Have a GREAT Day,


So you had a sleep study done, but didn't get another with a CPAP?? I'm confused. My Pulmologist (sp) after he got the results of the first study, scheduled me for a 2nd with a CPAP. The 2nd study came back with the range of pressure I need to use a CPAP with, and he prescribed to the med equip place to get a machine and mask.

It sounds like you need another with a CPAP on, as the oxygen pressure will still get into your lungs even if you are shallow or not breathing at all. Get an appointment with a pulmologist (lung doctor, i have lost my spelling gene), and he/she will finish what was started and get you on a CPAP with the proper pressures to keep your body quiet.

Poolgoddess, Yes I was scheduled for the titration... that was to be on the 16th... but I got a call that someone had canceled so now it is this Thursday. I missed a call before that to change it to Sunday night LOL I guess that was a good thing. Now it is even sooner. The first appointment was to be followed by another visit to the Dr. the morning when I woke up, where I was to get my equipment... Now I have this new appointment for the Titration and no appointment to get the equipment...LOL I have to call and get that set up.