Things that make you go 'ouch'!

Tell us what hurts you the most! I'll start,



Riding in a car,





Not being able to sleep,



What's your list?

Dang, SK, it s a wonder you (and I) are even able to function, much less get so much enjoyment out of life. We are amazing women, aren’t we?

Ok, that sounded egotistical. But I do believe we can do amazing things out of love, sheer willpower, etc. I mean, look at you, getting your house scoured and decorated for the holidays. You do this out of love despite the fact that you are dealing with several chronic illnesses and hurting everyday. I won’t go into all my examples, but many people on this site, and elsewhere I’d bet, are living full lives and experiencing much happiness and joy (along with the negative emotions which are just part of any chronic illness). I am thankful every day for the life that God has given me and for the ability to do so much when others can do so little, and to have so much (relatively speaking) when others have so little. Wow, I am rambling again. Sorry. Have a great day.

All the above plus:

Washing up

Getting dressed

Carrying things like shopping bags, kids etc

Climbing stairs

Running - if I can even call it that

Sitting down

Standing up

Keeping balance in a moving bus!!!

opening cans & jars

Cleaning windows!!

Stirring food


.... sigh!

Thanks for sharing... such a relieve to know I am not alone in this!

Opening brown envelopes at the top!
Paying out £250 for a new key!
Getting out of bed in the cold and dark
Getting out of bed
Running out of chocolate
Getting out of bed
Bellowing voices
Sitting next to bf watching football lol. He’s louuuuuuuuud lol
Running out of money
Getting out of bed
The c c c c coooooold weather
Coming home from the docs empty handed is a real killer though too. Bas…d’s!

Yes indeed we are MB! That was well said, no rambling there. Love allows us to do the impossible. I will probably be ready for the ambulance ride by the time this is over though! Got even more done this weekend, and have the back to prove it!

The more you do, the more you see to do! Having company is a great motivator, even if it's your closest family, it makes you want to really do the full tear out! Can't do the floors though, my husband has a lovely lady do my floors for me every week, that is a life saver!

I am thankful that I am still on my feet and can stand close to errect most days, there are some deep dark holes I fall in once in a while, but claw my way out of them! The grandsons still beg and bawl to come, that keeps me going!

Gotta keep looking up, and like you say keep counting your blessings!

Oh yes the COLD, it's like an axe in my back! That's a big one!

Right now, I am on my way to a marathon sleep before the new year comes! I agree with angel and Garfield about popping out of bed, not happening! ha!


Turning Wrist

Standing after sitting for too long

Scratching back, side, thigh or upper arm

Not being able to sleep


Scratching Boobs


Head (migraines)

Getting out of bed

Lets not forget twisting, that gets me in the facets! OOH!





Punching the wall


Paper Cuts

Needing to use the wash room, not having one and having to wait

My dog and I dancing but it's cute

My cat walking on me

My cat climbing up me

My cat jumping on me

The cold Winterpeg weather (if you are from Winnipeg/Manitoba/Canada you may understand the reference)

Slipping on the ice

Breaking a nail

Getting out of my nice, comfy bed

Sleeping in someone else's bed

Putting on clothes


Feeding the fish


Carrying a basket at the store

Textbooks are very heavy so looking at them makes me say ouch

Small Font

Extreme Heat



Sitting in cramped spaces

Plastic Chairs

And everything everyone said and well my brain fog has clouded the words.


Raking leaves

Bending or kneeling down

Getting up from the tub

Climbing stairs

Getting out of bed in the morning

Getting on a scale and seeing how much I've gained from the meds I take

Omg you hit a nerve or two right there SK!

Slipping on ice!! OOHH!! Shawna, that is so dangerous! I went down on ice with my son in my arms when he was just a baby, it was one of the biggest scares of my life! Luckily I went backwards and he was unharmed, did not do my back or my head anygood. Luckily the neighbors came and managed to get me up, and took him for a while. As I recall, that began my visits to the Chiropractor! Be careful! Makes you want to get those cleated boots that grab the ice!

I know that every good snow boot I have ever owned, has been made in Canada, you folks really understand Winter! Good luck on your exams!

Now there's a good one, getting out of the tub or up off the floor. I know my days are numbered for all of that!

Yes all of those repetative movements requiring back muscles and spinal mobility, raking, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming are just killers, Pet!

Was it that obvious? Lmao. Love it in summer. Light and waaaaaarm. Well still takes some motivation lol.

That first two hours is a b word on the best of days though… Is that true or is it true?

Hey Mo! I know, it aggitates me sometimes, when you can't sit long, can't stand long, and can't even lay long! I mentioned considering hanging upside down like a bat to sleep, but my ankles would never hold me! ha!

About the only thing that has been mentioned that I don't have is needing to scratch my boobs! ha! Don't need it either! My husband's skin was itcing him so badly he was being sent to a Dermo down in DC, best advice given was wash the clothes in Dreft, the specialist told him it was the only detergent that did not take all of the moisture out of the clothes, I also bought him Aveno skin relief body wash and it instantly disappeared after I thought he would drive everyone crazy with the scratching, hives, and welts! Keep in mind that I was using 7th generation laundry soap (free and clear) and he used Dove unscented soap for years. Allergist said a body can change at any moment, and of course they can change one tiny ingredient and we can all of the sudden become intolerant.

As you know, some of the meds can make you itch too. My Dr told me I can use benadryl when this happens.

Amen! who cares, I'm NOT giving up my Choc marshamllow milkshakes! NOPE!!!

Lets NOT FORGET the constant influx of medical bills if we're howling in pain!

Wrinkles in my bed sheets

My clothing, on couches, mattresses, vehicle seats.... things that shouldn't feel like concrete but do.

One of my biggest fears is falling in public because I know I would cry on the spot and now there is snow & ice everywhere so guys please be careful.That must have been a scary moment SK!! Oh Gosh! I'll be hibernating till March I think.