Hey all iam wondering if anyone else has exoirenced pain on top of thigh between knee and hip? It is so painful to touch, please help.

Hi Jackie! I have pain in that area all of the time but I had shingles in that area and so I wrote it off to PHN Post Herpetic Neuralgia. Maybe it's not. I will ask my physical therapist what they think about all that. In the mean time, be sweet to yourself and let your doctor know asap. It could be something more serious and you don't want it to get the upper hand.

Gentle Hugs! Always~Laurel aka Northwoods G-Ma

I have pain in my both my thighs. I can't run my fingers down my thighs without it hurting. My son tries to put his feet on my thighs and it makes me want to cry. My upper arms are the same way.

Gentle Hugs,


Stacey, Thank you! I thought I was nuts! If I touch any area in that thigh, it hurs. I don't know but it needs to go away! Gentle hugs to you,

I recently had his problem. It seems to come and go.

Jackie, do you have any lumps of fat under the area? Reason I ask is I sometimes hurt in that area and have a fat bump there that seems to sit on the nerve, pressing down on it and making it hurt. But, then again, we're dealing with fibro so I'm sure the thigh can hurt with no obvious cause.

Maybe water too if it's dehydration?