There is now a women's only group!

Per request there is now a group just for women with fibromyalgia.

Please feel welcome to join, ladies!

Thanks SK, but I hope that everyone stays active in this group- men and women and friends and relatives. It is always nice to have different perspectives. Makes us think outside our box sometimes. You ready for your big day Saturday? I can’t make it this year but I will be there in 2013. LOL

I agree, but the men felt out numbered, asked for their own group, as soon as we opened it, were asked if there was a women's group, so I opened one! No one has yet applied to membership as I can see.

Taking a break before I tear into the Birthday cake baking, if I don't get it baked, our grocery store bakery does lovely cakes! Getting worn out!

Ok, how do we know if we are in the women's group?

On the top of the page you will see 'groups', click that and just choose the women's group, it is open to all women to join. Please know you are welcome to join us!

My friend's wheel that allows me to invite my friends to the new women's group will only go as far as 'LAU' and I am pretty sure I invited all of my women friends up to those letters, if I have missed someone, or it has not allowed me to get that far in the alphabet, please just click groups at the top of the page, and select the women's only group!

Please know that ALL women are invited and most welcome!