There is bad luck and then there is BAD LUCK!

I am starting to think I am cursed. In one week I have...

- Fallen asleep standing up at the kitchen counter and knocked out the kitchen cabinet, which now needs to be replaced.

- Tried to save my dog from chocking and he ended up biting my finger (straight through), which required a very painful hospital visit and antibiotics.

- Slipped on some lose carpet in the house and hit my head on the hardwood floor, which required being rushed to the emergency room for a CAT scan due to the goose egg growing out of my forehead.

My boss seems to think that someone has a voodoo doll of me and they are really "sticking it" to me. One of my employee's wives thinks I have a lot of negative energy circling me.

There is no doubt that I am tired and stressed. I haven't slept completely through the night once in over 9 months! I am not clumsy by any measure so I really don't know what to make out of this. However, the one thing I have realized is that my vision has steadily diminished since February this year. My hearing is great. I just can't see. Could the meds I am on be causing my vision to be impaired???????