The tizanidine is working very well

Hi, I have been living this fibromyalgia nitemare for over a decade. I have worked as a nurse full time but it was getting harder and harder to get oob to take another 12 hour shift. I recently got another good job and I had to stop the narcotic pain meds for the drug screening. I was on Lyrica, tramadol, cymbalta, nortryptyline,

I cut out the narcotic norco/10/325 because of drug testing on the job. My pain with all of the medicine stayed from a 5 to a 10 on a daily basis. Even after stopping the 2 norco 10/325s the pain did not come down as much as the tizanidine. Now after starting the Tizanidine my pain is running a 0 to a 5. The stuff cut my pain in half!! It works better than the narcotics for the pain. I recommend that every one with fibromyalgia to ask your doctor if you could try it. I take 6mg. in the morning, and 6mg. in the afternoon, and 10mg at night.

Tizadine is not just any muscle relaxer. It has really helped me with this llness by cutting my pain in half. Small thing but to me it’s like innind the lottery. The tizidine is not in the same class as other muscle relaxers. It works by binding the pain signals in the spinal cord and the brain. I really hope that some of you could ask your doctor’s to try this. I wish that everyone could have a welcomed break from the pain. Wiseowl

Sorry, I meant to type like “winning” the lottery. I had taken ambien just before starting the posting and it started to knock me out. I fell asleep before I could check for the typos. I did wake up not in pain this morning. Really nice for me because I have been nearly bedridden from the pain. For me the tizanidine works better than the narcotics. It takes a very very large dose of the norco to even make a dent in my pain, and now I don’t need the norco. I hope this infomation helps someone else. I know that what works for my fibro pain may not work on others, but I am sure that it will work for some. From some other sites that rate drugs, most of the fibro patients had very positive results. About 5 percent cannot take tizanidine due to elevated liver enzymes so one cannot take it if they have a bad liver. They do say to check the liver enzymes after a while on the drug to make sure that you are not in the 1/20 that has problems with this. My doctor said that some people may get drowsy taking tizanidine during the day, but I don’t find it to be a problem. The higher dose at night does help me to sleep better. I am still taking the Lyrica, Cymbalta, and the tramadol as I still need them. Wiseowl

Wow, I'm so happy for you :) I've written the name down, I'm definitely asking my doc about this. Sure hope it's available in Canada. Thanks Wiseowl, I'm desparate at times for something that works. What about drowsiness from this med? Don't muscle relaxers knock you out? Let me know, please. Hugs, Charlie.

Hi, My doctor says that some people get drowsy and some do not. I am able to stay functional on 6mg. during the day and I can stay awake. The reason that I take less during the day and more at night is because feeling drowsy is dose related. Even if you only take it at bedtime at a higher dose it is worth it. I am waking up without pain and my muscles are relaxed. I was used to having my muscles tight and could not sleep this way. I was waking up in lots of pain in the morning.

All muscle relaxers are not like this one. This one works on the neurotransmitters in the brain and spinal fluid. They say it blocks something called substance P which is used to transmit pain in the central nervous system. So tizanidine is not your run of the mill muscle relaxer because it has the ability to block the transmition of pain impulses to the brain. Good luck. I hope this helps someone other than just me.

Wow, now that's an amazing discovery! i'm delighted to know that you found a much better pain management tool, Wiseowl. And it's even better that you no longer need to be on narcotics.

I took your advice and asked my doc but it would interfere with the meds I'm currently on. And i inadvertently discovered that i HAVE to stay on some of my meds or else I can't sleep due to too much pain. It's definitely disappointing but I want to remember this conversation with you, for future reference, in case my meds stop working completely. It's nice to know that something else is out there. I hope we hear from others with similar results as your - that would be incredibly exciting!

Congrats on your find, WiseOwl. i guess you do live up to your name!

I've heard of substance P in relation to fibro pain. It's extremely exciting if a troublesome substance in our body can be blocked so we're in less pain. I'll DEFINITELY bring it up again with my doctor.