The history of the study of Substance P in chronic pain sufferers, and the idea for a new type of drug

We cannot get understandable answers fast enough, cannot get substantial relief quick enough, but this very 'lofty' medical paper gives us a look inside the research side of our chronic pain syndrome, and though most of this is way over out heads, it gives you an idea of just how complex our illness is.

This addresses how the flood of substance P into our bodies not only cause pain, but look into the anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, stress response, sensitivities, and so many of the things we suffer. It gives us an idea of how the understanding of substance P has evolved over the years, beginning in the 1930's up to present day, and how many medical professionals are calling for a different type of drug.

Here is the short version of this

A different type of drug sounds like a good idea, considering how many of our members have not yet found relief with the currently available drugs. May it happen soon!