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The Fibro Manual, Dr. Ginevra Liptan

I’ve had Fibro for 30 years. Researched a LOT. Never have I read a more informative book than “The Fibro Manual”.
Dr. Liptan has this condition since early college, yet devoted her career to researching ALL ABOUT FIBROMYALGIA. IT’S all you need to know, has treatment options in four categories, and it changed my life. I now understand what exactly is happening in my body. Knowledge is power!


100% agree!!! It’s the best fibro book I’ve ever read!!! And I love that she explores ALL treatment options including using Opioids, medical cannabis, CBD oil, supplements, etc. I filled her on Facebook and have talked to her a bit. We suggest this book to every new person who comes to our Fibro support group. Thank you for bringing it up!

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I think I’ve been a guinea pig also. no medical degree, but I know a lot after 40 years of this disease. every person is different, so what helps #a might not benefit #b.

Thanks i will look this book up

Will have to check this out