The endless emotional rollercoaster

As you can all probally relate I feel theres no end in sight. Each day just seems to roll into each other. Same fight every day. same feeling that no one understands and never will. Alone in my thoughts and alone with this sickness. Tired of people telling me its in my head. Feeling like Im going crazy.

Hi Tiffany,

I hear ya! You are not going crazy. There are a lot of us going through the same thing. It can be so hard sometimes, especially if those that are close to you don't understand. Try to have faith that things will get better and most importantly take good care of yourself.

Hope you feel better and that tomorrow is a better day : )


Thanks Shelley. I’m trying to keep my head up it’s just that things are so overwhelming right now. I have been going through alot of testing this week. I fainted and they are putting me through alot of tests to rule out a seizure. On top of that I’m having a flare up. I’m sorry to vent like this. Tomorrow is another day.~ Tiff

Tiff, This is a safe place to vent. Most of use understand that at times you just need to be free to admit you are discouraged, frustrated, and wishing it would just end. We will love you and hold your hand, slow you to cry and then cheer you on when you are ready to get back up and continue on your journey.

Don't ever let anyone make you feel guilty or wrong about what you are going through.

thanks doggie.
just talking my time to reflect and do some thing positive today gentle HUGS ~ Tiff

Hi Tiffany,

I totally have been where you are. I have been having some good days lately and that is such a relief. But our whether is changing and that always makes my pain level go up. I will probably end up in a flare. We all go thru this, it seems like a vicious cycle. I have not slept all night. It is now 5am here in Az. I have been sewing most of the night. Pain is finally settling down and I am finally starting to feel tired so maybe I can take a nap!

Take care.

Jackie S

Oh, Tiffany, I am so sorry that you've got this rotten illness! And it's even worse when you don't have a good support system! Firstly, we KNOW that it's not in your head. Oh, no no no. No. It's a nasty, . Vile sickness but you didn't make it up. Heck, you couldn't make it up! It has too many weird components to it.

I posted some resarch pertaining to it that seems to indicate that our mitochondria are not functioning properly. Mitochondria function as the energy centers in our bodies. Mitochondria are made when we exercise. Then they get used and reprocessed once, which we are able to do. They then get reprocessed a second time, and that's when the fibro kicks in and we are unable to reprocess the leftover waste. The leftover waste is lactic acid, which stays where it is, in our muscles. The muscles ache from the leftover lactic acid as a result. Then we are unable to create more mitochondria because we can't exercise, which is how mitorchondria are made. At least this is my interepretation of the research. I included the research in another posting on this board but if anyone wants to see it, I could dig it up again or else you can just google "fibro" and "mitochondria," and you will find it.

I posted all of that just to show that fibro IS NOT all in your head or made up by you. Researchers are starting to seriously believe that we have a mitochondria disorder. And every cell of ours has mitochondria in it! So that would mean that every cell of ours is affected by fibro and we may well also have it in every cell.

And please, please don't think you're alone! You're not! We're all here and we KNOW your pain and we KNOW your despair. We really do. Each one of us has been there, at one point or another. So you can think of us as guardian angels, if you want, although Heaven knows, we aren't perfect! But we'll listen and and valudate you. And you can also throw fits here too! I just had one in a thread about broken teeth!

You are not going crazy. You are an incredibly STRONG woman who is managing to make her way through this illness every single day. And that is one h€ll of an accomplishment!

Please know that we are here for you