The B vitamins ("energy vitamins") and some of their benefits!

Besides improving our energy, the benefits of these vitamins are numerous, such as improved sleep! Many of these vitamins protect the heart, and nerves, and improve memory and concentration! I have trouble digesting the regular type of B-complex pill, so now take the chewable and this works so much better. I also take sublingual B12, along with my other vitamin supplements.

I take B12 shots with folic acid weekly and I have noticed improvement.

As always, please check supplements with your doctors, especially if you have more than one health condition. I am glad B vitamins are helpful to you, SK and Azlily!

Absolutely! Always check with your Doctor first, before adding anything! I know that with some meds, you cannot even drink grapefruit juice!

Every visit to my Rheumatologist, I have to list every supplement and med that I take, even if it hasn't changed. I've learned to prepare for this before every appointment, as my list is a long one.

Hijacking this one with a good title for B vitamins - strangely no threads directly about vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12

BTW - there are quite a few types of B12 = cobalamin. The normal one - cyancobalamin - is the cheapest, normal and least best sort…

After trying an oral combination of the various types to no avail (1g), I wanted to try injections. I contacted a specialized “Apotheke” called “Manufaktur” (Arnika Apotheke, Unteraching). I actually wanted ‘only’ 1mg, but they had only 5mg injections and I’d’ve preferred Adenosyl-Cobalamin, but they only had second best Methyl-Cobalamin at that time. My wife (ex-nurse) injected them s.c. into my belly every 2 weeks. Result: My levels rocketed to 1700 - no problem, surplus is, so funny - but they didn’t do anything for me. We repeated it a year later, cos I hadn’t anything left to experiment with :wink: and nothing was helping my sleep enough. No help. But I don’t regret trying them. Wasn’t that expensive.
This study (2015) definitely recommends to use the other forms: Treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency-methylcobalamine? Cyancobalamine? Hydroxocobalamin?-clearing the confusion - PubMed
This one (2015) says it doesn’t make much difference, but the arguments are more theoretical: Cobalamin coenzyme forms are not likely to be superior to cyano- and hydroxyl-cobalamin in prevention or treatment of cobalamin deficiency - PubMed
Both are available free as full articles.
Regarding injections: Both studies say that oral (e.g. 1-2 mg) is just as good as injections (then less), unless there is a defect, e.g. genetic, of cobalamin metabolism…

My GPs had been prescribing B12 for me for years, as I did use to have a deficiency.
Then an acquainted fibromate recommended the vitamin & mineral protocol of a German doc, Bodo Kuklinski (5 phases of 2-3 weeks each, mainly: 1. vitamin B12 injections / 2. potassium, zinc, selene / 3. vitamins B1 + B2, C, E / 4. flaxseed oil / 5. Q10)
While I wasn’t , I tried the whole thing for 3 months, actually twice. One of the basics was taking a high dose of B12, preferably injected. None of it did anything for me. What I take now is Mg malate & glycinate in combination with the GABA that’s helping me most. And I’ve been taking D3 for years as it’s always on the low side.