Thank you

Thanks to all who wished me happy birthday yesterday. I haven’t been around the community for a long time and am touched by the kindness.
I had a bout of self pity for a couple of days due to an abscess in my gum. Looks like I’m going to lose another tooth:((
Thanks to my support group and family I rose like the Phoenix out of the ashes this morning.
I have been helping in the library at my daughter’s school. I know it helps me more than it helps anyone else. I get so much joy working with these wonderful middle school kids. Some of them I am able to pass on the joy of reading. I can’t think off a better way to use my energy than to pass literacy to the next generation!
Thanks again for the birthday wishes

Hi Stephanie. That is so beautiful being at your daughters school working with the children on reading.. What a joy for them and for you!! I just read that it was your birthday so i am sending you belated wishes and i hope you feel better soon from the oral issues.. I am also sending you BIG GIGANTIC HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


Thank you. I’m still in bed as the abscess is causing a flair up. Low grade fever and lots of pain and fear. I’m not willing to lose my footing again. I will do everything I can to get a foothold and climb back out of the abyss. Please pray for me. I wish to be at the library at my daughter’s school right after lunch on Monday, clear headed and ready to inspire a love for reading and achieving goals.

High five and big hugs! I love how you are giving the gift that keeps on giving. In today’s world not having the ability to read is more than damaging, but almost life threatening. I glad that you not only help them read but to inculcate that love to read, that is the true gift. You are an inspiration. Wishing you every success with this project. Thanks for sharing. Hugs!

Its wonderful that you are helping at the school. I am sure it helps you as well as the children.