My employer terminated my job my FMLA time ran out now I am without insurance…how can you dedicate your life to taking care of the sick but when you become sick they can not sympathize with you?

I am sorry. I was terminated as well. I am a RN. I agree with you health care is not in the least compassionate with employees. I understand they need employees who can work and I know as in my situation after I got over the hurt they did me a favor. I was truely unable to do the job anymore. I am currently on a disabled Ohioans program for dr and meds. The girl that was hired to replace me has resigned after 6 months. It was a very stressful job and I have been considering asking for my job back even though I know in my heart that I cannot do the job. I will keep you in my thoughts. Don't hesitate to seek out programs that will help you. And remember you are still a very valuable person in this world.

hi sheba. i send you my best wishes, thoughts and prayers for your well being



Hi Sheba,

I'm sorry that you're in this situation. It mirrors one that I faced 3 years ago. In my case I worked for a nursing home. I know for a fact that pushing those heavy wooden tables and the residents in their wheel chairs helped my fibro to become insidious and much worse.

But you need help. Those types of places are notorious for dumping sick employees. Did you have any short-term or long-term disability from your job that you can access now? If not, then I think a call to the unemployment office is in order. You probably do qualify for it if you were sacked for your illness. And also, you need to have worked for a minimum of 6 months, I believe.

I would then place a call to a lawyer who only handles SSDI cases and get him to work on your disability application. most lawyers only charge a fee if you win the case, and it's equal to about one quarter of your lump sum payment that you would get for back pay to the time where the government determined your disability began. This is a slow process and will takr about 8 months until you get a determination. About half of those who apply are rejected the first time. But not to worry, the lawyer will try again and even a third time. It's hard to get them to keep going after the 3rd go-round because most people are accepted by that time.

Can you get Obamacare? I'm not familiar with its application process or guidelines but you'd probably want to call the federal government and find out. You also are probably entitled to get COBRA, which covers your medical issues, but it can be very costly.

I hope that some of our suggestions help you out. I know how terrifying it is to no longer be able to work but have bills to pay and insurance needs.

Take it easy,


I am so sorry!!!!!

Hello Sheba

My FMLA also ran out. My short and long term disability have been a life saver. I worked as a nurse so long I did not think I would ever get used to being home. Have you applied for disability? I hope you are doing better.

Thanks for all the support,I’m just trying to get my thoughts together where and how to start first the hospital I worked for is the same hospital who in the beginning said I had the AVM/FISTULA when I went to a neurologist of my own choosing she ordered the cerebral angiogram which was extremely painful on the left side of my head and every since then everything had been down hill painful,and seeking true diagnosis I don’t know what all and what I can sue them for but I know if they had not have diagnosed me with the AVM/FISTULA I definitely would not have had the cerebral angiogram all I had in the beginning was neuropathy and some hip pain