TENS Unit, microcurrent unit, PEMF & other body electrotherapy

Does anyone use a tens unit for pain management? If so could I get your feed back? I have an Appointment to get one and wonder if it really helps?

I use one for pain relief. I get good relief for the back pain, mixed relief when I use it for pain in other areas. It did take a while to figure out just where to put the electrodes and where to set the controls. The biggest thing that flusters me about using it is dealing with the wires that connect the machine to the electrodes.

Good luck, I hope it helps you.

Thank you! I’m hoping it can help. Mostly looking for help with my lower back and neck.

Hi Foxxy, my husband bought a tens unit. He has fibro too, but also has bursitus, and a pinched nerve in his neck. He says it helps his shoulders. I have tried it and it didn't help my fibro at all. He and I have totally different pain levels, I didn't know 2 people with fibro could be so different. I did use it on my neck once, after waking up with a stiff neck. It works great for me in this case. You'll probably find some like it, I think everyone pain is unique. Is there anyway you could try one before purchasing it? That would be ideal, if possible. If it doesn't work you're not out any money. Good luck, Charlie :)

I’ve had the electrode therapy before at my chiropractor and during physical therapy and I do get some relief. I also have a bad trigger point between my left shoulder blade that gets so bad nothing relieves the pain. So I’m hoping it will help that as well.

I have used Tens Units a number of times; also a larger called a muscle response stimulator. Never had much relief from either. Felt good while on but didn’t last when I turned them off . Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Hello, : ) I have a tens unit. Anything that will give some relief even if it’s not a lot, is worth it. I haven’t used mine in so long because we moved a couple times and I forgot about it! My friend mentioned it to me in conversation and I still forgot about it!
Lol your post reminded me of it again and I immediately got it from my closet and put it on! : ) it helps while your using it.

I have bad lower back pain as well. Yes the wires are a bummer but if I wear something with pockets I find that putting the unit in the pocket along with the left over wires helps a lot. : )


I hope you can find relief with it. Feel free to put in a friend request and keep me updated on how it works for you. Take care Fibroerr

Hi there Foxxy and welcome! It's good to have you here on this site.

Some people do get relief from it but not everyone. I'm one of the ones who did not get relief from it. It looks like a mixed bag, although you later say that you've used one before in a medical setting and it did help some, so that's a plus. If it's not too expensive for you, it might be a handy tool to use in your pain management.



I’ve decided to keep in depth posts on body electrotherapy separate from brain stimulation which includes neurostimulation.

TENS Unit - Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

Mixed experiences on this thread starting 2013: a bit of help while it’s on, say quite a few.
Putting the unit & left over wires in a pocket helps, said Loveandfaith.
First time I heard of the caveat of not going close to the heart as she says.
However all electrotherapy triggers my focal seizures, that’s my caveat. Similarly @SK1 said they ‘shoot her right off the table, even on low’.
May deflect some of the pain sensation, according praps to the Gate Theory of pain that only certain amount of pain can be sensed, so some is overridden.
As the thread title from 2013 says (Does anyone know why TENS units are being discontinued? They are such a wonderful alternative to pain meds): jdixon was very worried having definitely heard multiple times that they were going to be completely discontinued. @Sheila_W found out at least that it was ‘only’ some (20) brands at that time. Renie’s ideas were that maybe they were going to be combined with other electrotherapy like EMS and that insurance companies were no longer covering them. She also found an ultrasound machine for @Petunia_Girl. Sheila: did you ever try it? I can’t remember it being named, but think I might have had some at some physio somewhere. jdixon said they hardly worked.
A link to conductive garments by Waterswaves Conductive Garments | Garment Electrodes | Medi-Stim, Inc. shows an addition to a TENS or similar electrotherapy units (Muscle Stims, Interferential, Microcurrent, and High Volt Galvanic) for people who have skin reactions from the electrodes or need a larger area treated, siskiya names suppliers as well as massage machines that she compares to TENS (probly very different tho), and also says it’s worth having one extra, as they can break, also recommends acupuncture, unless it ‘hits a nerve’. Sandi1 has the tip of wetting the sticky gel & keeping it in the fridge. The most mentioned brand was EMPI.
As TENS units are still being used, without being combined with anything else, the problem seems only to be the insurance one, due to lack of sufficient evidence. EMS is for stimulating muscles, not for blocking pain.
It doesn’t just work 1) by nerve stimulation (competing sensory neurons at the pain perception gate), but also 2) by the release of endogenous opioids.

Tens unit update Powerful, so low settings, <35$.

@rosebud74 got a paingone tens pen after it helped @Sheila_W, but it was too hard to use and treats an even smaller area than a normal TENS unit. The conductive garments mentioned above might be the right thing for you, rosebud? (@Lmd added that as opposed to TENS/electrotherapy you can get acupressure type pens that may help ‘at times’.)

PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy)

2018 Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in the treatment of pain and other symptoms in fibromyalgia: A randomized controlled study - PubMed Didn’t appear efficient for FM.
Comment on: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy in the Treatment of Pain and Other Symptoms in Fibromyalgia: A Randomized Controlled Study - PubMed / https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/bem.22224 Comment argues that might’ve been due to electro-smog?!?
Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy - Wikipedia

Germany: BEWEI = radio frequency therapy, i.e. PEMF at radio frequencies

(My wife just pointed an electrotherapy form out in a German newspaper ad, with a sort of brand name BEWEI, where it says “also called radio frequency therapy” and is combined with lymphatic drainage in a cosmetic studio, but is also or comes from pain/osteoarthritis treatment. Which is extremely funny considering that BEWEI stands for BEauty WEllness Innovation! :crazy_face: Only reputable link I can find is a German neurosurgeon who claims it’s normal for pain, whilst the English wikipedia Medical applications of radio frequency - Wikipedia it implies that radio frequency (RF) therapy is part of PEMF, which can also be at extreme low or ultra low frequencies, ELF, ULF.
Just have to add here that I like the abbreviation PEMF as it reminds me of EMF’s (only real) hit “Unbelievable”.

Hi, tens was too strong for me, so i got a microcurrent unit…more gentle…and it helps a fair amount…ff my pain is ramping up…i can quickly dial it back and within seconds my breathing changes

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Thanks for the reminder, I’ve got it on the treatment list, but forgot it here… up top it only says “microcurrent” without explanation. Is the gadget roughly the same as the TENS too?

Its a similar unit , with electrodes…

Tens at the lowest setting was just too much for me🙄

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Is there a tens unit you can wrap around your whole body??? :joy::rofl:

Tadaaaahh :partying_face:: Errh yes, as I wrote above!:

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Again… Way to go JayCS!!! :clap::partying_face:

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