Tendons and muscles are twisted in drawing of a patient with Fibro!

Hi everyone, I recently saw a drawing of what muscles and tendons look like during a flare-up of Fibro. Unfortunately, there wasn't much info about it. What I am curious about is, does anyone know why the tendons and muscles do that to begin with? It fascinates me. I have heard of this before, but never saw what it looked like. If this is true - no wonder we are in so much pain. Wow! I was told a while back that the appearance looks like 'twisted rope.' It's true and just mind boggling to me. I wish I could see an actual picture of it all taking place. If anyone has information about this - please let me know! Laurie

Wow, Laurie, what a great discussion! I SO wish you had a picture of the drawing of our muscles with fibro. All I can say is that it sure FEELS like they're twisted into knots, too. It makes sense to me. WHY they are knotting I do not know. Will be interesting to see what others have to say!

HI Pet - I wish I could send it to you and for some reason I just wasn't thinking. I can't remember the website either! Fibro fog?? LOL The muscles and tendons were shown swollen to show the Fibro patient in a flare-up. It says that even when there is no flare-up they stay twisted. It was horrible. Ugh! Laurie

I had not heard that this was a fibro issue but I am very aware of how the connective tissue that creats a covering around small bundle go muscle tissue which are encased in additional layers of connect tissue that wrap the smaller bundles together, forming the tendons which attach muscle to bone can become " knotted". I found a book called “the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook.” which teaches you about how to identify these knots and self-massage. It has made a huge difference for me. I work on the tendons in my ankles and feet every day. The book is totally about self massage which for me is needed since I have a variety of painful areas every day. The author is Clair Davies.