Taste Buds Gone Wild

I was reading where some of the members were discussing spicy foods. My taste buds have changed within the last 8 months. I live in south texas and chilis are another food group. I have always loved spicey food. Now I find it unbearable. Everything is to hot or to salty. Yesterday I had french fries and the ketchup burned my mouth. It felt like I had just eaten a jalapeno. My family tells me my cooking has no flavor. Is this a symptom of fibromyalgia or is it the meds?

This is the only place I feel comfortable discussing this. I'm also having a problem with flatulence. I gave up meat 2 years ago so I eat alot of fruits and veggies. I stay away from gassy foods like cabbage, beans and broccoli etc. but I'm still gassy. It's quite embarrassing because I can't control it. Besides the pain that's another reason I don't go out with friends anymore. Does anyone have that problem?

I've recently( like this month) have become lactose intolerant. It's such a shame because I love cereal and chocolate milk. I bought some almond milk but it's just not the same in oatmeal. I enjoy one cup of coffee and I've had to stop the creamer. Out of everything I go through with this disease I find this to be the most depressing. Not being able to enjoy the foods I love also keeps me from going out. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Be well.

Hi Nova,

According to my Rheumatologist Fibro can effect any or all of your senses. I know that it is that way for me. Thankfully it is usually only one or two at a time.

I also have the problem with flatulence. It doesn't seem to matter what I've eaten and even when I haven't eaten anything. There seems to be no way to know when it will happen. So you aren't the only one with these symptoms. The only suggestion I have is try keeping a food journal to see if there is something you have eaten that makes it worse.

Soft Hugs,

Dottie S.

Have tried soy milk.I drank it for a while and it was good to me and love my milk.Gallon and half a week by myself …As far as taste,i have had many periods over the yrs where everything i ate or drank tasted the same p&b sandwich taste the same a steak,just different texture .Also been where hot felt cold and cold hot.Freaky stuff,you don’t even wanna tell nobody because they’ll. think I’m nuts. But i would contact your pharmacist. and make sure it’d not a med…God bless

Hi Nova,

You know, last winter I went through a spell of this, where certain foods tasted WEIRD to me, just awful! Mostly foods with some sort of sauce to them, be it tomato based or else a white sauce. I've never had this happen before. And while this was happening, it felt like things were burning my tongue, plus I also kept biting it HARD in my sleep, which I've also never done before. After a week or two, it resolved. But then a few days ago, I had the taste of burned garbage in my mouth.

I'm wondering if you might possibly have some sort of acid reflux problem? http://www.healthline.com/health/gerd/nausea In my case, I don't get nauseous from it but I do have it. In addition to an altered taste at times, it also can cause flatulence.

My other thought was that my situation occurred while I was having a super-duper flair up of allergies. I am wondering if allergies could also cause the different, unpleasant tastes you are describing.

Other than that, I don't know. I DO know that my taste buds have lost the ability to taste much of anything. Food doesn't have the same zip as it used to have, to me. I don't know if it's a fibro thing or not. I guess we'll see by what others say!

Thank you all. It really helps knowing I'm not alone in this. I get so discouraged sometimes. I do have so many things going on at once and it felt so good to let it all out. Blessings to you all. Be well.

I was just talking about this with my husband only a few days ago. It seems my tastes are changing. Chocolate no longer holds me in its trap, and suddenly I want Frank's hot sauce on everything. I loved my coffee but everytime I pour a cup now I sit it down and never finish it because it just isn't appealing. I have the olfactory hallucination of cigarette smoke. A few years ago it was a hot oven smell that haunted me.

So yes, I think it has something to do with how our senses are affected. It's really unpleasant but maybe if you explore foods that formerly did not appeal to you, you will find a whole new array of things you love.