Tactile Allodynia

Hi everyone. For the past two months, I have suffered from this terrible pain on my skin. Clothes hurt. Touching the keyboard hurts. It is awful. I am wondering if anyone suffers from this and what has helped. Thanks.

Hi, Tina....

When I have "the itch" as I call it....I get the sensation like I'm sunburned.

It's terribly uncomfortable...kinda like having insulation ground into your skin.

I have found that...cool...is very relieving, doesn't make it go away, just helps tolerate it!

Naked on just a bed sheet w/ a fan, is really helpful.



Hi jm,

My worst areas for this are the places of injury or degenerative damage, and that would be the spine and sciatica of the left leg. The leg seems to be the very worst. There are times I have been so ultra sensitive, that I have had to sleep with my feet on a roll pillow so that my legs would not touch the sheets. I have had to crank the heat up so that it was not necessary to use covers.

Even with analgesic creams, prescription numbing sprays, and narcotics, this was almost unbearable. The best thing I can say is that it does abate.

For me, it seems to be caused by an invasive test or treatment, or extreme physical exertion/exhaustion/stress, so please take it easy. Do your best to just quietly rest and relax.

I hope that you can get through this quickly, and that it does not return!

Wishing you well,


Hi jm

I've been expiriencing exactly what SK and you are describing and it's horrible.This is the 1st time I've had it this bad I think.I wish I had some advise but i;m new to this and as I can see from the other's responses,it's not just me.I've been beside myself all day and keep breaking down. It has been a stressful week and I know I pushed myself too hard over the weekend. It's the only explaination.

Good luck


I am having that trouble this week, been having a real bad flare. Noticed it's worse during this time. Can't wear any cloths that are even a bit scratchy. another one of these wonderful symptoms of FM.

I don't experience it but I just wanted to come to say I feel so badly for you guys! When Jeanette said it's kind of like having insulation ground into your skin, tears came to my eyes. That's beyond even the regular fibro pain and it's just so unfair to have to suffer with it! I had no idea how painful this was because I've never had it put into such graphic words before. I hope you guys can find something helpful for such terrible pain. I know that Lyrica is used for nerve pain but maybe it wouldn't help this severe pain. I also suggest that you use the "insulation ground into your skin," description for those in your everyday life who don't get it. If they don't get it after that, they probably never will!

So much goodwill sent to you all plus the gentlest of hugs,


Im really sorry to hear this. I suffer from this. I hate to say its not much you can do but try to figure out what works for you. Everyone is different. I try to buy really soft clothes. Or wear the bare minimum at all times. I hate getting dressed and if i have to, i got my fave sweats or loose shirts And sweaters. I even cut and restyled some to make more stylish since its all i wear. I always wear converse shoes half size bigger. I dunno why but they are my fave . I’ll take any color. I keep my skin really moisturized, I’ve noticed that really makes a big difference. Usually Johnson’s baby oil after a shower or Vaseline. It’s best then when the pores are open and it will get trapped in the skin. Get soft sheets, soft everything. Even my hair hurts. So its often looking a mess lol i don’t even want to touch it. Loose ponytails, buns, loose braids, or loose curls that will last a couple days And fall.

Its not much, and we all know its no telling when the pain will ease but these things helps to manage it.
Hope it helps a little.

Gabapentin helps this kind of pain. I was experiencing it and it’s what first drove me to get nerve pain relief. Good luck and sorry you hurt this way.

My doctor recommended Gabapentin too for this. I'm so sorry to see so many other people are suffering from this too. It helps to know that we are not alone in this. I'm a real big fan of Walmart cotton dresses because they are so lose and don't touch much skin. I find it is worst when the skin is irritated so I have tried to limit what I do to make my skin so angry. <gentle hugs>

Gabapentin didn’t work for me. I’m on Tegretol now because of face pain and chronic migraines that are more seizure like. I think it’s helping my allodynia also. But I still wear loose clothes, no bra etc. I can feel a tiny crumb in my bed like the Princess & The Pea. Maddening.

Thank you so much for all the responses! I hate this symptom the most because I can't stand to have people touch me. I also have the sensation where I feel like I can feel each hair follicle on my head. But that is just part of it. I also get really itchy to the point that I can't stop. For now, it seems to be just my arms, hands, fingers and scalp-although the way my fibro is going, I am going to guess that it will spread to other areas of my body. I really appreciate all of the advice and support. It is really easy to feel alone when you don't have anyone in a similar situation to discuss this with. Thanks again!

There is a support group on fb for people with Allodynia. Allodynia associated with clothes and or touch pain. Please join if you have clothes pain or touch pain.