Symptoms lists: 100, 200, full... ("64")

These long lists are dangerous* :skull_and_crossbones:, because they might encourage people not to double check symptoms, to become hypochondriac, passive, not to look further for & treat causes/aggravators, like meds/treatments/docs, cf. below!
That’s maybe why you probably won’t find long lists on serious sites or get them from docs.

251: 200+ Symptoms of Fibromyalgia (Hard to Believe). What are Yours? - Fibromyalgia Resources (well readable, sorted by regions, then alphabet)
142: (mostly contained in the first link, not well readable, based on a dead link, nowhere on the original site)
“Full” (64): The Full Comprehensive List of Fibromyalgia Symptoms -

I only have 52 and pride in having checked each of them with numerous of my 40+ docs and 15+ physios. Agreed, in most cases nothing else was found. But also I look for ‘causes’.
My best examples are jaw pain which I thought was psychosomatic, trigeminal and then fibro, but turned out to be 2 tooth root inflammations, and high blood pressure which brought the docs on to find fairly severe genetic hyperlipidemia, changing my diet even more.

One of the most dangerous examples is seizures: I know mine (focal, speech centre) are due to cortex stuck in my speech centre (MRI, neurologist, long before). Since fibro, they were especially brought on suddenly & severely by electrotherapy in the rheum./fibro clinic, by my only dose of tilidine and increased long-term by 4 months amitriptyline - i.e. by treatments, not by the fibro itself. The responsible docs (rheum., pain, pain) knew I have seizures and I told the rheum. in the clinic beforehand, that I think electrotherapy might do this, since it’d happened to me after trying EMS workout once. My neurologist told me to try weaning off the amitriptyline, which did the trick. (As cryotherapy can also cause seizures, I was worried, because that was helping me much more than the amitriptyline, which I was glad to do without. I don’t think I’ve ever had one seizure due to the cryotherapy or cold showering, or let’s say 2 at the most).
EMS workout: EMS Workout: Can Shocking Your Body in an Electric Suit Actually Give You a Full Workout? | SELF

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Very interesting that “craving carbs” is on the list…

I found it very interesting that it was on the list AND Hypoglycemia as well. I’ve always dealt with the low-blood sugar and just assumed that craving carbs and sugar was tied to that. Maybe not?

I missed this list on this forum before.

I’ve been reading ‘craving carbs’ in combination with not enough GABA… - I don’t crave carbs, but GABA is definitely helping… :smiley: