Swollen Belly - Anyone else

I have what seems a bit weird- my belly swells up like I am six months pregnant. Hard as a rock and very uncomfortable. I believe there is some connection between gluten and/or sugar in my diet, however I am not positive. I am so frustrated. I literally go up three or four sizes in a matter of hours. It is not pleasant.

I have found that heat does help some but it still stays pretty large. I am interested to hear what others have experienced or what may help.

Thank you!

Hi PaytonsMom, I have the same thing happen to me and feel and look very bloated all the time. I am going to see a gastroenterologist after the holidays, I need some relief. Hope you feel better soon, Hugs Robin

I have seen two different gastro’s. I have been tested repeatedly for Celiac but negative results. I have also had an endoscopy as well as colonoscopy. Luckily both were negative. I have had major problems with adhesions in my abdominal cavity, however the ob/gyn wants to wait to clear me out again until a few years have passed. Hope you find something out- interested to hear if you learn something.

You had it all done, wow I wonder what is causing your swelling. If I have any luck I will for sure pass it on.

Omg this happens to me too. It’s usually really close to the star of my periode and last a week or 2. I can’t beleive this happens to some one else. I actully even weight up to 10 pounds more and the like my belly comes it goes. My husband says its gas but I don’t know. Sometimes I even see a large bulge that comes to a kinda point in my upper abdomin. Like right below rib cage. What about you, any of this like yours?

I have the same thing. Fixing it, for me,had to do with eating a proper diet with lots of veggies and fluids, and NO GLUTEN! I don't eat products with gluten in them anymore, but when I do, my belly swells right up, and I sometimes suffer constipation. I have had the diagnosis of fibro for 15 years (It started with a dance related injury when I was 24; I am now 52.) I also believe I was pre-disposed. Looking back, my grandmother showed signs of fibromyalgia. Gluten-free products are equally delicious, if not more delicious sometimes! Gluten-free alternatives are becoming more and more available at grocery stores and even at restaurants.

Allergic is your go to gal for this one. I am very sure she will respond to the gluten and sugar end of this.

I'll add this though:

http://drlwilson.com/Articles/GAS.HTM My Chiropractor put me on these years ago, to aid digestion, after my gall bladder was removed. It surely helps, especially taken with a hot drink http://www.professionalsupplementcenter.com/SpectraZyme.htm?gclid=CIjr05qHu7QCFQSg4Aod4iIAWQ

I have the same thing and thought it was a gastro related problem as well, but had a colonoscopy and everything was negative (thankfully) but it still doesn't answer why i get the pregnant like bloated belly. Mine can bloat all the way up into my ribs under my breasts. It reminds me of when I was pregnant. I too gain weight from it but it just comes out of nowhere and then goes away as quick as it came. I have been diagnosed with Fibro for about 2 years now, but believe I had signs of it as far back as 20 years ago.

I believe I may have a gluten/sugar sensitivity however I have been tested for allergies repeatedly various ways and I don’t show an allergy to any foods I have eaten lately.

THis happened to me also…foundout I had candida. Now I eat nof sugar, or fruits and other foods that are high on the glycemic index, no gluten or soy and peanut products. I strongly suggest you read the book The Body Ecology Diet…it has worked wonders for me. Seriously I spent years with that bloating problem and after just days of taking an antifungal and cleaning up my diet, the bloat went away! It was a simple solution to a complicated problem.

Tracy :slight_smile:

I have that, too. Mine is caused by grains and sugar with gluten being the worst. I can get by with a small cup of oatmeal, small cup of rice or a slice of gluten free bread. My fibro fog cleared up on this diet. I did the elimination diet to find these allergies.

hi PaytonsMom
yes I have the same problem, it was much worse with diarrhea and vomiting on and off for several years until I worked out that it was gluten and oats and diary. But I didn’t work it out until I had renal failure and needed dialysis from the diarrhoea and vomiting. I did get rid of it though with an elimination diet. I no longer have diarrhea or vomiting now but I do have a swollen tummy, even when I eat only fruit and veg. So clearly I am intolerant to something but at least I’m not having frequent visits to the bathroom. Good luck Barb


This is common, it seems, to be part of fibromyagia and autoimmune disease. Some researcher believe that the chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases actually stem from a gut problem, and the gut is affected by what we eat and what we are exposed to.

As several others mentioned conditions like yeast/candida overgrowth in our intestines and systemic in our blood and other organs can lead to damage to the intestinal wall, our absorption of nutrients and also cause increased intestinal permeability, also known as Leaky Gut Syndrome."

I'll put these links for you to read. It may help you understand why your stomach is swelling up like it is, especially when you eat sugar or gluten etc. I've been where you are and I have /gotten relief with treatment from my integratvie MD, holistic doctor. I highly recommend that you see one of those doctors in addition to your traditional physician. I've gotten relief, it takes time and diligence with a focus on diet and supplementation. I've been able to get off all prescription durgs except for my thyroid medicine by following a specific anti-inflamatory diet and supplements advised by my holistic doctor.


Also, as we age our production of stomach acid decreases and this can cause food to lay in stomach for way too long undigested, causing bloating, pain, gas and constipation. This can sometimes be a part of the problem too, depending on the individual.


Don't keep suffering with this. There are ways to take care of it, but you need to find the right doctor.

Take care,


This is interesting. I get severe cramps and I swell often. Add constipation, sometimes for as long as two weeks. Red meats seem to set me off. I have also had ice cream and other types of food like breads and pastas. I’m thinking some type of allergy also but have not tried to find out what type. I have Always had stomach problems and have lived with severe leg pain my whole life. I thank you all for sharing your lives and helping others to cope with what can be an unbearable situation. You all have certainly helped me.


Funny i am dealing with this as we speak! I have gone all around the houses on my body and now i am back where i started. Stomach/digestive system. I look 6 months pregnant, acid reflux, food allergies. I am thinking of going on the elimation diet or food combining. I do better when i don't eat much so maybe eating 5 times a day would be good. I have chronic candida which i cannot seem to eliminate for very long. acidophilous and enzymes again. I had an appointment with an integrative MD naturopath center. She found i have gall bladder inflammation/sending me for an abdominal scan.

Looking into the Dr wilson program or body ecology not sure which one yet.

what diet and supplement program did you do? Can you elaborate?


I do best on food combining with no sugar or refined foods. I’ll start when I get back from the beach next week.

Let’s all be partners. I feel better when I do it.


To the best of my ability, I have eliminated all gluten, sugar, caffiene,all processed foods and drinks, genetically modified foods, dairy and nightshade vegetables(known to promote inflamation). I'm also senstive to corn and soy, so I eliminated those too. I buy mostly organic foods. I stopped eating meat and follow a vegan diet, but if you have to have meat, I suggest only grass fed organic meat. I use whole grains that do not have gluten, such as brown rice, quinoa, millet. Lots of greens and other vegetables fresh or frozen. Sweet potatoes are fine. Beans, legumes. I track my food online for the nutrient value and I get more than adequate protein. I filter my tap water and drink that. I don't miss junk food and I don't miss the meat. I feel satisfied all the time and no longer have the cravings and low blood sugar episodes. I can eat all I want.

I started out using an anti-inflamatory diet and then tweeked it to my own body needs and sensitivities. My doctor has guided me in this transition. I am being treated for other issues too which overlap with the fibro symptoms, and I have made conscious effort to eliminate as much stress as possible in my life. I try to stay active as tolerated without pushing myself past my limit.

My present supplementation includes digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, b complex, vitamin C, magnesium (natural calm brand powder)since others cause me upset, b-12, extra b-6 and zinc, last three being specific to me advised by my doctor. Check with your doctor on supplements. I see an integrative MD so they are good at testing you for deficiencies.

I am also under treatment for candida/yeast overgrowth and leaky gut syndrome for which I take Caprylic Acid and Nystatin oral. I have extremely high levels of mercury in my body so I am taking DMSA chelator to remove that slowly along with Alpha Lipoic Acid. All these condition are inter-related. My digestive issues are gone, no more swollen belly for me and my digestion is working and bowels moving etc. I used to have swelling all over my body and my food would not digest, just layed there and my belly would be like a rock and bloated, painful and nauseating. It was horrible, so I can relate to PaytonsMom's problem.

These problems are serious. They are tied in with the fibro and autoimmune conditions somehow and need to be addressed. You need to find the right doctor who will guide you through and test you properly. Sometimes I feel like a nag on this subject, but we all seem to share alot of the same difficulties with our digestion. It's not a coincidence. Bottom line is I've gotten relief. You can too.


That sounds like The Virgin Diet I have on my Kindle.

I'm not on "virgin diet", but there are many eating plans that are similar, such a macrobiotic, vegan, and many variations of them. It's just a matter of getting the offending foods out of your diet and helping your gut to heal.