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Sweating, Arthritis


To start with I am not on any medications. Over time, with this fibromyalgia, I have had hot flashes. I am not a woman going through the change. Rather, I am a young man of 73 and have not found this a problem until the last three days. I am having a flareup. Nothing new but they have become more severely debilitating in the last year. Included in this severity are the hot flashes. Sometimes I am so cold that in a house set at 72 I am wearing a sweater, truckers vest and gloves. My hands are ice. Then all of a sudden I am so hot that I am stripped down to my undershirt and sweating. (This is happening to me all of a sudden just now.) Some times my hands are ice while the rest of me is sweating Those hot spells can last for a very long time. Has anyone else experienced this phenomena? Is it common with fibromyalgia? Also, my arthritis gets so severe that I can barely walk. This walking problem is also new with me. And that is scary. My wife and I walk all the time but within the last half year we hardly have walked because of the arthritis in the feet becoming most severe with occasional periods of relief. For those with arthritis, do you have any suggestions? Other than arthritis and this fibromyalgia I am very healthy and not walking is a sad thing.


Hi! I’m sorry that you are experiencing those symptoms. I also was wondering if anyone else was having the cold and hot spells. I get hot sometimes when the temperature in my house is 65 degrees. I usually don’t wear a jacket when I go places. And it’s 22 degrees outside. Then there are times when I’m super cold and sometimes super hot and feel cold in my arms and hands and I have goosebumps. I don’t sweat. It doesn’t feel like a hot flash but rather a temperature disregulation. You are not alone but I don’t know why this is happening. Hopefully someone will have an answer. Good Luck!:+1:


I also suffer from sweating spells but it’s my feet that are cold. I know it is during a flare and my joints and muscles are very sore. I hope someone can help.


I’m sorry iwa0331itmc and Freedom for the symptoms you are having.
I feel the same way. I am female, almost 66. I did have a hysterectomy due to cancer 8 years ago and I take a lot of medication. I did not know if I was having hot flashes still or symptoms from medication. After reading comments here I think it’s another wonderful fibromyalgia symptom. I can be freezing and it’s 73 degrees inside or hot and sweaty at 64 degrees. My skin will feel like ice to the touch but my body inside is burning up and I’m covered in sweat. It is so uncomfortable and happens off and on all day and night.
I use to loving walking with my husband also but I had to stop because my feet hurt so bad. But I don’t have arthritis. Now I use a recumbent stationary bike to get exercise. It is lonely and I really miss being outside walking with my husband. Take care everyone.


Have you taken any medications for infection that have the term “flox” in them. Levaquin, Cipro, any flourouquinolones? Even for an ear infection? Your symptoms may have gotten worse from this if so. I have similar hot and cold regulation problems and widespread tendon problems because of these medications and it is well documented. I always thought it was fibro and maybe it is too, but now I think it may be a reaction to these. I hope that isn’t the case for you too. Hang in there.


Yes, the hot flashes are a symptom of FMS. I have been suffering from the hot flashes for a little over 6 years now. I did think it was something else but I’m a young woman of 53 so it was debatable to be sure. I also have bouts of freezing- I’m sure just to even things out sigh
There are so many symptoms that are attached to FMS it’s hard to keep track. How about itchy ears? I have that. How about grooves in your fingernails? I have that. I printed out a list of symptoms associated and I was shocked to see how many apply to me. You can google something along those lines… “symptoms of fibromyalgia” and you’ll get plenty of hits. I was diagnosed over 20 years ago and I have yet to find a doctor who will deal with it. It’s a lonely place to be :frowning: I wish you well.


I have had fibro for 20 years, the hot and cold spells have increased over those years to the point it is always there. During the winter it has been 65 in the exercise room, after about 10 minutes of exercise I have to put a high velocity fan blowing directly on me to finish the workout. My hands and feet get so cold they hurt and only way to warm them is with a heat source. Gloves and socks don’t alleviate it. However the hands and feet experiences are due to neuropathy which also accompanies fibro. I had seen research claiming that those with fibro experience hold and cold spells due to the malfunctioning of the hypothalmus gland. I am not on any meds right now. I am in a flare that started 3 years ago.


Hi Lady. Today I tried something about the pain in my feet. I have tried different things for a while but last night I had an idea and tried it today successfully. I bought compression sox at CVS and on amazon. Amazon is a crap shoot and I lost with those but the CVS ones were great. But they only do good on the mid-foot and hind-foot so I took a pair of ankle supports, cut the heel out and put them on upside down over my forefoot. I also have orthotics that I got from a Good Feet store. Combined with a new pair of boots that work best with my arthritis. I walked 1 1/2 miles today and felt like I could have done more. I won’t win any fashion show bit I do walk with considerably less pain. Whether this will continue over a long time I do not know but for the moment I am enjoying my walks. Try it. What do you have to lose but a few dollars.