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Suggestions for snacks/food/recipes that help with inflammation


Hello everyone!

I have talked to a handful of people on here who also follow a gluten free/lactose free diet that helps tremendously with their fibromyalgia. I have also been following this diet for awhile now but I feel like I have been eating the same things over and over and really would love to try some new things! Lol.

Would anyone be willing to share with me some of their gluten free/lactose free snacks and meals that I would be able to add to my "recipes’?! Before I was in college I had so much time to truly make a lot of my snacks and foods from scratch which helped control virtually everything that went into my food.

However, I am currently taking 18 credits this summer and I just don’t have the time to cook EVERYTHING from scratch anymore nor spend a ton of time looking up new recipes and foods that help with inflammation.

Thanks in advance!


I have been eating gluten-free most of the time for a number of years. My knees seem to be less painful when I do. My favorites:
Against the Grain rolls
Gluten free-cake mixes (that takes time)
fruit popsicals
ice cream


With your class schedule could you make the things you like a head of time and freeze them? There may be a bakery or specialty store close to you that may have good prices.


I have gotten such relief from gluten free eating, but wonder whether I’m going to need to go dairy free too. Also, I’ve since been diagnosed with gout (THAAANKS FIBRO!) the FODMAP diet is also recommended for that.

One thing is using a corn tortilla (not flour, alas​:cry:) to wrap sautéed fajita veggies, (or roasted veggies, see below) or those plus some meat in lieu of a sandwich with regular bread. Can be done cold if you have to take it to work or school, and assemble in the wrap when it’s time to eat. That’s easy to do ahead. Sometimes, I use a bit of mayo + a little Dijon mustard (or, leave that out) to stick it together so it will hold together in that tortilla roll-up. Think of a potato salad kind of thing, but with nearly anything in it. You could, for that matter, use diced chicken, or pork loin or chops, with just enough mayo to provide “adhesive”. Please pardon my irreverence with the culinary process. I get some of it from my ridiculous baby brother who is quite literally a world-class chef. He, for instance, refers to mayonnaise for a sandwich as “throat wax.” (But he’s also a James Beard Award-winner, and a gracious compliment-recipient from the late, great Julia Child. I can brag on him shamelessly because you don’t know me, or his name. :wink: But don’t tell my mom, she still wouldn’t approve.)

GF convenience foods have had me eating too much stuff with sugar and fat, because there are some yummy snacks along those lines. There’s a table sugar substitute called Erythrose (brand names include “Swerve”) which is great for drinks, baking, everything, and it doesn’t have any glycemic impact. It is a sugar, but has the advantage of not causing the above problems. (However, warning: over-consuming erythrose can have side effects like, ahem, diarrhea.) Raw veggie snacks are great, celery stuffed with that tofu-based cream cheese (sorry, brain fog won’t let me tell you the name) [edit: Tofutti is the name] seasoned with either a bit of garlic or onion powder or good seasons Italian dressing mix is delicious. Also, celery with peanut butter, yummy!

I use plenty of frozen vegetables that can be popped in the microwave, as frozen produce is frequently still in possession of its nutrients, more so than the produce aisle, because it’s frozen very quickly after harvest.

One thing that can be done ahead and reheated is veggies roasted in the oven with olive oil and garlic, like diced sweet or white potatoes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and more. Roast them at a fairly high heat and turn them with a spatula partway through: always extra delicious when a bit of brown can be achieved. As I mentioned above, while delicious hot, they can also be given the potato salad treatment and served cold. In which case, chopped celery and/or onion may also be in order. Don’t be shy about any omega-3 rich fats, like the olive oil, or a cold salad of avocado and tomato with some olive oil and red balsamic vinegar (I eat a whole avocado at a time, just because I can). Get one of those avocado tools, which will make you so happy. Pampered Chef has them, and surely someone else does for half the price.

Thought not particularly good for do-ahead, spinach and/or chard is very quick to wilt down with olive oil, or o.o. + butter or ghee in a skillet and eaten immediately. Cook that only until JUST barely shrunk down, or else it’ll taste just like what you hated about it in childhood.

Here I’ve gone on like I know what I’m talking about, but I’m just a pretty ordinary home cook. Maybe you’ll see something you like here, or it’ll give you an idea for something related.

Though I still mourn gluten, and noisily, at the end of the day nothing tastes as good as being pain and fatigue-free (or improved) feels.



Ah, oh my goodness, my mouth is watering just reading your post haha!! Thank you so much for these suggestions! I used to roast veggies in the oven for quick and easy snacks and I honestly forgot all about that so thank you for reminding me hehe!
But seriously, I am definitely going to try some of these ideas! My hubby and I loveee our fajitas and “wraps” we do so I’m definitely going to try some of your variations. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with me!

And regards to your brother, I would honestly beg him to cook for me all the time lol

Thanks again!


Yes, I did force myself back into the habit of just meal prepping one day on the weekend and freeze it for the week since I have made this post. It honestly does help so much!! Just so time consuming sometimes.

I like your idea of a nearby bakery or specialty store, This is one thing I have not looked into. I will put this on my “to-do” list for this next week.

Thank you for your suggestions!


Ah, yes!! I love those same rolls :slight_smile: hmmm, fruit popsicals sound ultra appetizing considering we are dealing with 90 degree weather right now. I will definitely add that to my “menu” for the next couple weeks.

Thank you for the suggestions!