Such a wreck tonight

Fibro pain hit me last night in my left elbow where I couldn’t bend my arm without terrible pain. Today, the elbow eased up some but it went into both hands and fingers. Now, I feel it starting in my right elbow (other side). This is like playing whack-a-mole! I’m getting to my wits end. I took a hot Epson salts bath and that didn’t help. I can’t find a rheumotoligist who will treat fibro, so I’m giving up and going to a pain management center, where I hope they don’t label me with the dreaded “drug seeking behavior!” I do want something for the pain damn it! Just something for these really bad days/nights. They sent me a 20 page document to fill out. It says you have to do exactly what they say or you get kicked out of the program, Plus, I’m not sure if Medicare is going to pay for it,

So sorry for your pain. The unpredictability of fibro may be the worst part: never knowing what is coming, waiting and watching. Having to be on the alert all the time is exhausting. I hope your arms, elbows, and hands feel better soon.

You’re so right!! Not knowing how I will feel tomorrow makes it so hard to plan things and is driving my husband crazy. I kinda wished I looked sick so he would know how I’m feeling. I look fine on the outside.

I am so sorry to hear of your pains. I have been down that road since I was 20 and I am now 63. I have written a post about Medical Marijuana. You may find it interesting, if you haven’t tried it before. Hope you feel better soon.

How can I find your article? Gentle hugs, Deb

Hi, I added a new subject that said “has anyone used medical marijuana “. It shows up on my site. If you cannot find it I would be happy to talk to you about it.