I had surgery to remove those ducts and cysts from my breast. They used succinelcholyne. I was unaware, but, it can cause something called post surgery myalgia. Not a big deal for MOST people...just some aches and pain. I have been in agony sinc ethe evening of my surgery-Wednesday. Called the surgeons office and they were like---oh yeah it can cause some minor aches and pain...I CAN"T MOVE! And it is known to be a bad drug for fibro!!!! I did not know this but they obviously did and they knew I have fibro!!! What can I do to help the pain? I was only given 10 hydrocodone...I have used them all and just used the only ibuprofin I have in the house. I litteraly can not move and hubby will not be back until like 6 pm. My 16 year old is here, but, doubt they will let her pick up my prescription.

I only have a primary care doctor-have never seen a specialist. They don't seem to take it seriously in the small town I live in. I even mentioned my fibro to the surgeon before hand and he said"well, it's nothing that will kill you"...HA....I wasn't so sure about that yesterday!

I am so sorry wish there was some advice I can give I a new at this:(

Thanks everyone...I got my prescriptions...the flexiril seems to be loosening me up a bit. On the upward slope. But, I do know I will need a hysterectomy soon, so, at least we know and can try to prevent this from happening again. I am feeling much better than It just feels like a really bad flare up.