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Success Stories:

1. Story of Bruce Campbell - he's written a book & has a website helping people like us take back control of our lives.

2. Tell Me Something Positive - blog discussion

Hello to my fibro family,

I just wanted to share with you all my latest wonderful discovery!!!

It's a pillow!! Ha Ha

I found it on ebay for £15, I'd been looking for a "shaped" pillow that looked like it would be comfy and support my neck.

This is the one !!

I've had it for 3 days now and I've slept better and the ache in my neck and shoulders is improving.

I would recommend it, and just hope it's available in the US.

It's called the Dr Twiner Pyramid Pillow, developed by a top osteopath.

Love Lucy xx

Send me one.. lol....


Great idea, Scott!

Blessed to have a break!

HI, I have come across a new book written by a doctor who has researched and worked with Fibro patients for 30 years. I am not finished reading it but this guy gets it and understands what fibro is like since he had it himself and had to drop out of medical school for a while I read the chapter on sleeping a couple of nights ago and I have slept well the last two nights. I want to help others. The book just came out in August 2013 and is up to date on everything having to do with fibro and CFS.

The name of the book is: "The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia solution." The essential guide to overcoming Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyagia. Written by doctor Jacob Teiitelbaum, M.D,

I hope that this will help others, it is already helping me and I just started reading it

I have been using Binaural beats and they give me more energy and calm my nerves so much. When I use them before bed I find that they next day I have more energy and less pain. It isn't 100% but compared to the complete wreck that I have been lately it is a huge improvement.

I am going to ask my Osteopath about it. Thanks crynsugar!

This is the success story of Bruce Campbell - he's written a book & has a website helping people like us take back control of our lives.

This link is part of the self-paced course you can take, it's a list of ALL their success stories. =)

Hope we can find hope and encouragement from them. =)


This looks awesome. My neck pain has gotten so much worse the past few months. I'm going to look for one of these!

I hope you can find one, I've been using it for over a month now and it's lovely, I've bought another one! To keep at my Mum's house when I visit (she lives 2 hours away so I often stay over to break the journey) I've just found out from my Dad that she's been using my pillow.....cheek.....!!!!

Lucy xx

Thank you for this! I need some hope in my life today....this may just be the ticket!

Me too G-ma. It's a dreary, winter Monday. A good day to hear some encouragement.

I use binaural beats too! Very inexpensive.

Can you tell me how much this is in American currency?