Sublingual HCG in Colloidal SIlver for Fibro/CPS Treatment

This week I started taking HCG in Colloidal SIlver as a treatment for my Fibro,CFS, and Chronic Pain Syndrome. I started at 0.25ML twice a day and will increase weekly until I end up at 0.75ml twice a day.

My doctor is prescribing this base off some very recent (2012-2014) research studies. I will include the link for the main information my doctor gave me. As of 2 months ago he was prescribing this same medication by injection (done at home), then when I saw him about 3 weeks ago a sublingual version had been formulated. I am keeping a diary of my daily pain, side effects, etc. I praying this will work, because I have tried so many other treatments with no success at all.

Has anyone else tried this medication or heard anything about it?

The FDA has banned colloidal silver as an ingredient in any over the counter remedies that make health claims, out of safety concerns, as colloidal silver may cause argyria, and products with colloidal silver have been tainted with micro-organisms in the past. Unfortunately, they left a loophole allowing colloidal silver to be sold in dietary supplements, as long as no claims are made. Teitelbaum has been sent warning letters by the FDA over making exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims for products that he sells on his website. I looked at his website. It seems like an elaborate marketing scheme and does not inspire confidence in his science. Please get a second opinion, as I am concerned for your safety.

A friend of mine tried it and ended up spending a couple weeks in the hospital. Please be careful.

Thank you for the responses. I took the HCG for a month and had several hormonal flare ups that caused some bad side effects. I managed to ignore the majority of them until I got vulvodynia. Basically, I felt as if I was sitting on fire for weeks. I had it before I was diagnosed with PCOS. But I had gone almost 12 years without a flare up. That is a side effect I can not live with, it is extremely painful and difficult to keep under control. So I meet with my doctor tomorrow to discuss the continued use. I am going to request it be discontinued. It did give me a some relief, but I am not sure "some" is enough to deal with the "severe" side effects.

AHHHHHHHHHH, all of this is so frustrating. On another note, I have begun the disability process and am going to have to stop my part time job. I am scared but partly feel better. I can't get rid of a long term flare without resting my body. So on to the next thing.