Studies Jan/Feb 2021: 1) Overview, 2) Eyes, 3) PTs, 4) Genes, 5) Youtube

Just had a look what’s new on pubmed.

2021 Jan (Nov 2020)
Fibromyalgia - PubMed is just an abstract, the whole article is here:

A lot of this article is a great resumee about what symptoms are prevalent with fibro (click on the ‘sections’), but still the CSS theory is again propagated… :scream_cat: :
“often classifies as a form of central sensitization syndrome… Today fibromyalgia is considered to be a neurosensory disorder where the individual is not able to process pain in the brain.”
Again and again I say: NO! I have got all my pains down. My pain levels are the same as they were before fibro. When I hurt myself somewhere it hurts like before fibro. BUT: parts of my body are hurting which didn’t before, like my tendons. I still have have an Ache when I overdo it, I have fast exhaustibility, despite energy and I have sleep problems, which have nothing to do with pain. I can’t help myself, but some researchers are assuming there is a “theory of everything” and pretending they have it.

Jan/Feb 2021: An article about eye (not eye-A :wink: ) problems and their diagnostic and therapeutic relevance in fibromyalgia. What a new area I was not aware of!:

“Fibromyalgia can be associated with ocular symptoms (foreign body sensation, irritation) and visual disturbances (blurred vision), coexisting with dry eye syndrome and reduced corneal sensitivity.”
“It may be that future diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia will contain ophthalmic examination modalities. Observed ocular changes and their pathomechanisms may constitute new targets for therapy to improve the quality of life of patients with fibromyalgia.”

Feb 2021 Incompetence of physiotherapists:

“The findings highlight the necessity to train physiotherapists to respond to the needs of their patients with greater competence and less ambivalence.”
Yup, after my 15 physios, most of which thought they knew about fibro, but cdn’t help. I fully agree…

Jan/Feb 2021 Genes and microRNA

“We found DEGs and DEMs in FM patients through bioinformatics analysis, which may be involved in the occurrence and development of FM and serve as potential targets for diagnosis and treatment.”

Feb 2021: Role of youtube-videos analyzed (who’d’ve thought :wink: ):

“Health professionals should be aware of the importance of health-related information on YouTube and provide high-quality accurate and up-to-date content.”

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Thanks for posting this, JSC! :blue_heart:
I found the “optic” symptoms very interesting. You don’t hear doctors discuss this…My vision gets blurry sometimes, and I often feel like there is something in my eye, when there isn’t! :roll_eyes:

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Whoops, just realized two links are the wrong way round, sorry… wait a sec… better now…

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Thank you for posting this. Good information to be aware of.

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